Match of the Week
April 13, 2000

(Match of the week is a, you guessed it, weekly occurence.  It pits the winner of the previous week's match of the week against the most promising team outside of the match.  To hold the position as defending champion is one of the most distinguished honors that can be held within the Euchre League.)

    The last Euchre Night of the Euchre League's first year of existence went out in grand fashion, with many old faces returning to culminate a great year.  Returning champs this week were Steve Lund and Colleen Murphy, but did they have what it took to win?

    After spotty attendance that ultimately led to his deciding to resign as Euchre League President, President Matt Nolan teamed up with Amy Anderson to form a dangerous pair for the evening.  After tearing through teams of Katie/Colleen and Mike/Ryan, and then turning over the leadership to Jim Stachowiak, Matt "I'm just a man now" Nolan and Amy qualified to challenge in the final contest of the year.

    As the match began, a blowout looked like it was in the makings.  Anderson/Nolan jumped out to a quick 6-1 lead, before Lund/Murphy pulled the margin back down to a single point.  Three key calls put Nolan/Anderson on the brink of victory at 9-5, and then Murphy called "alone."  The room went breathless as the cards played out, but Nolan had the left/guard for a stop, and Nolan/Anderson went on to win 10-6.

    Could things have been more fitting?  Immediately after surrendering the presidency to already tyrannical Jim Stachowiak, the League's Founder and first President charged back to win the coveted prize he had been so long without.   The next year looks to be as promising as the first, with the Bicycle-sponsored campus championships and other events already in the works.

    This has been a great year and a lot of fun, and former President Nolan wanted to take this opportunity to issue a final statement.   "Guys, thanks a ton for all the fun we've had.  None of us would have thought that things would have kicked as much butt as they did when we were sitting around in the Green Lounge at Orientation last summer.  Have a great summer, and I'll see you all next year."