We deliberately composed this site with specific color schemes and spatial metaphors in mind. The
following is an explanation of our endeavors:

     Splash Page--The colors of the haunted house are dark and foreboding. The flowing lake is
eyecatching and invites the visitor to move into the site. The music. Bach's Tocatta fugue, is both eerie
and entertaining. It establishes a tone of playful seriousness.

     Main Page--We attempted to convey meaning with the spatial metaphors of our main page by
assigning monsters certain regions of the page as their 'proper' domain:

                        Human Monsters --Conventionally relegated to the basement of hierarchical societies,
                                                      our freaks and psychotic killers found themselves physically
                                                      corralled in the dank cellar of the house.

                        Bibliography--We placed our bibliographic information in the library, purposefully
                                               between the freaks and the technological monsters. This suggests that
                                               human hubris and lust for knowledge lead to technological monsters.

                        Technological Monsters--Technological monsters reside at the apex of the house.
                                                               These monsters represent humanity's indiscretions and
                                                               overreaching of 'natural' bounds. However well the experiment
                                                                is designed, the monsters remain susceptible to the caprices
                                                               of the natural world (represented by the lightning).

                        Reanimated Monsters--The undead dead grew out of the earth from which they came.
                                                            These monstersrefuse to die and are linked with the outside
                                                            world they inhabit.

                        Ecological Monsters--These creatures are a product of humanity's intervention in nature.
                                                          They exist because humans mistreat the environment, provoking an
                                                          outraged response. They reside, obviously, outdoors.

General Colors of Individual Pages--

                        Human Monsters--Psychos--Red, the color of blood, rage, and insanity represents our psychos.
                                                     Freaks--Pink, the color of the unwanted, the marginalized, brings to life our freaks.