Taboos Embodied by Monsters

Polynesians, from whom the word taboo originates, used the sign of crossed spears to indicate locations forbidden to the common person. Monster and their stories also serve as signposts indicating cultural prohibitions.
  Technological Monsters Human
taboo transgressed cyborg Frankenstein's Monster Vampire Freak Psycho Godzilla Gill-man King Kong Werewolf vampires zombies mummies taboo transgressed
animalistic behavior     animalistic behavior
artificial creation                 artificial creation
attempted immortality                 attempted immortality
cannibalism                 cannibalism
child abuse/neglect                     child abuse/neglect
destruction of nature               destruction of nature
family dysfunction                 family dysfunction
incest                     incest
interclass relations             interclass relations
interracial relations               interracial relations
intimacy with strangers             intimacy with strangers
isolation                 isolation
necrophilia                     necrophilia
oppression                   oppression
prolonged youth                   prolonged youth
promiscuity                   promiscuity
ridicule                 ridicule
violation of gender roles             violation of gender roles
violence       violence

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