Fleet Description


Our aircraft fleet includes three Cessna trainers and four higher-performance, four-seat aircraft, of which three are Cessnas. Our planes are clean and well-equipped. We have recently refurbished three of them, installing better-than-original interiors and new exterior paint. All of the aircraft have intercoms; all but the trainers are equipped with dual VORs, glideslope, DME and ADF. Cessnas are widely available across the country, so if you train with us, your familiarity with these aircraft types will make it easier to rent airplanes should you ever move or want to rent elsewhere.

Under the supervision of our Directory of Maintenance, all aircraft are maintained in-house on a continual inspection program that goes far beyond the minimum Federal Aviation Administration requirements. For example, after every 200 hours of operation, each aircraft undergoes an extensive inspection (equivalent to a commercial operator's 100-hour inspection) even though it isn't legally required at all. This ensures the highest level of aircraft safety and quality for our members.

The Fleet...
The core of our fleet consists of three Cessna 152, two-seat primary trainers. The 152 is one of the most widely produced aircraft in the world. Hundreds of thousands of pilots have trained in this aircraft since 1959. Improvements made over the years to the Cessna 152 make it the most extensively used primary traning aircraft. Two of our 152s were completely refurbished and repainted in 1994 and are literally among the top ten finest 152s in this solar system.

The next aircraft our members step up to is the Cessna 172, or Skyhawk. The Skyhawk is roomier than the 152, with a wider interior and four seats. It also has greater speed and fuel capacity for longer flights. Both of our Skyhawks are equipped for flight in instrument conditions, with dual VOR receivers, glideslope, DME and ADF equipment. The Skyhawks are also our primary instrument training aircraft.

Next up the ladder is our Cessna 182. Cessna developed this four-seat, heavy-lift aircraft to fill the role of a comfortable cross-country machine. Our 182 is equipped with the latest in flight navigation equipment. It is a very straightforward and popular airplane with our members for those getaway excursions.

Last, our Beechcraft Debonair is the top of line in performance and capability. This airplane is a four-seat, retractable gear, high performance machine, with the latest in flight and navigation equipment. With its autopilot system and almost 200 mph cruise speed it provides the ultimate in single engine cross-country capability.

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