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Ann Arbor Municipal Airport

Ann Arbor Municipal Airport (KARB)
Rwy 6/24: 3500x75
Rwy 12/30: 2800x120
Salem (SVM) 214 radial; 13.0 nm to field

Ann Arbor Municipal Airport is located on the south side of the city. Though it is the fourth-busiest airport in the state, much of the traffic is steady student activity throughout the day and congestion is rarely a major problem. If you're passing through or doing business in Ann Arbor or the western Detroit suburbs, ARB could be a good choice. Parking and fuel are readily available and usually less expensive than at the area's larger airports.
If you're hungry, there are several restaurants within a five or 10 minute walk. See the diagram below for directions. Other restaurants and shopping opportunities are one to two miles north in the Briarwood Mall area, if you can rustle up a car or cab. Go north on State Street (which borders the east side of the field).

Runway 6/24 is 3500 feet by 75 feet. A shorter sod runway, 12/30, is open from late spring until early winter (check NOTAMS). Ann Arbor is served by nonprecision instrument approaches based on the Salem VOR, about 13 miles northeast. If the weather is too low (less than 500-600 foot ceiling), Willow Run airport, ten miles to the east, has multiple ILS approaches. Pilot-controlled lighting (REIL, and ODALS on 24 only) available on 120.3. Keep an eye out for birds near the airport.
Use caution within the area marked in yellow at the east end of runway 6/24. The tower's view of the last 200 feet of the taxiway and the runup/hold-short area is blocked by a building. On Saturdays in the fall, you may want to check the University of Michigan's football schedule before flying in. Extensive banner towing operations during home games can cause delays in departure and arrival. The stadium is located about two miles north of the field, so use caution if approaching from the north.

If you're visiting from the ground rather than air, the Ann Arbor Municipal Airport is located on the southwest corner of State Street and Ellsworth Roads, about one-half mile south of I-94 (Exit 177). The Flyers' office is in Hangar P at the northwest end of the field. If entering from State, follow the road west through the first set of hangars, past the control tower, through the gate and into the hangar area. Drive slowly and cautiously and yield to taxiing aircraft. Hangar P is marked; there are usually several cars parked outside. If entering from Ellsworth, turn right at the terminal building and control tower and proceed as above.

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