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Flight Training Expenses
The Michigan Flyers use the Jeppeson Sanderson private pilot curriculum, which integrates flight and ground training. This speeds the training process, and students are usually able to complete their training in less time than the national average. No additional ground school class is requiredwith this program, although ground school classes are conducted periodically (usually during the winter and spring months). Fees for ground school classes are set by the instructor.

Private Pilot National Average Completion Time: 72 Hours
Michigan Flyers Average Completion Time: 60 Hours

The tables below show cost estimates for the Private Pilot license based on FAA minimums and Michigan Flyers average completion time. Training costs can vary depending on personal effort, skill, dedication and motivation. These costs are based on using a Cessna 152 aircraft. You can choose to train in other (more expensive) aircraft if you wish.
The Flyers' Discovery Flight program offers you a chance to find out if flying is for you without joining the club or making a major investment. For $35, you can take short flight with one of our instructors, who will let you fly the plane and explain more about our flight training program. Call 734.994.6208 to schedule a Discovery Flight.

Estimated Training Costs
Minimum Costs for Private License
(based on FAA minimums; 40 hours training)
20 hours dual instruction
20 hours solo
Total cost

Realistic Costs for Private License
(based on U-M Flyers average; 60 hours training)
Club initiation costs, textbooks
35 hours dual instruction at $75/hr
25 hours solo at $45/hr
10 hours ground instruction at $30/hr
Miscellaneous costs (physical exam, etc.)
Total cost

Aircraft (Cessna 152) rental costs current as of 1/99. Instruction rates are set by the instructor; $30/hr rate listed is common.


$300 (variable)

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