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Below are some names and contact information for people in the Flyers and around the airport. Our office address is 1075 Airport Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108. Our phone is 734.994.6208 and fax, 734.994.4334. Email us at

Club Officers and Board of Directors
Finlay Beaton President
734.973.6019 home
734.516.1401 cell
734.994.4334 fax
734.817.1682 pager email

Robin Baron Vice President
734.332.4756 fax email

Benjamin Frank Secretary
734.975.9410 home
313.337.2683 work email

David Shuster Treasurer
734.994.6208 club office email

Steven Blackman Member at Large
734.998.7380 email email

David WeheMember at Large
email to come

Dan Harrington Member at Large
734.668.6425 email

Club Instructors (partial list)
Finlay Beaton Chief Instructor, CFII
734.973.6019 home
734.994.6208 work
734.994.4334 fax
734.817.1682 pager email

John Baker CFII, MEI
248.641.9951 home
248.705.4372 cell email

Bob Prill CFI email

Steven Blackman CFI
734.998.7380 email email

Other Flyers Members
David Shuster Operations Manager
734.994.6208 club (irregular hours)
734.994.4334 club fax email

Ted Chesky Webmeister, Newsletter Editor
2020 Hall, Ann Arbor MI 48104
734.677.3094 home email

Local/regional ATC and FAA contacts

Ann Arbor AWOS (Automated weather observation recording)

Willow Run Tower (YIP)

Cleveland Center
708.294.7401 (24 hours)

FAA Flight Standards District Office (at Willow Run)
8800 Beck Road, Belleville 48111
Main FSDO website:

Ann Arbor Municipal Airport
James Hawley Ann Arbor Airport Manager
801 Airport Drive, Ann Arbor 48108

Membership Directory
When the Webmeister has more time, he may try to list the entire membership on this website (assuming they approve,of course, and provided it's worth the work). If you think that your achievements, activities or exalted position within the club warrant a mention prior to that time, send the Webmeister an email including the information you'd like listed.
More to Come!
Watch this page in the future for more contact information about club instructors, staff and hangers-on; airport-related businesses and organizations, Aviation Medical Examiners and more.

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