Chief CFI

Club Instructors

Instruction Rates

Flight Instructors
Below is a partial list of names and contact information for Flyers instructors.

Chief Flight Instructor
Finlay Beaton Chief Instructor, CFII
734.973.6019 home
734.994.6208 work
734.994.4334 fax
734.817.1682 pager email

Club Instructors (partial list)
John Baker CFII, MEI, part time
5057 Buckingham Place, Troy 48098
248.641.9951 home
248.705.4372 cell
810.758.8445 work email

Jeremy Jankowski CFI, full time
248.935.4751 cell

Jayne Haas CFII, full time
734.662.0736 home email (primary) email

Bob Prill CFI, part time email

Instruction Rates
Instruction rates are set by the individual instructor. Typical rates at this writing are $30/hour. Some instructors may charge more for instrument or advanced instruction. Students are responsible for paying instructors directly on a mutually agreeable schedule; there is no mechanism for paying for instruction through your club account.
More to Come!
Watch this page in the future for more contact and biographical information about these and other club instructors.

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