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Why learn to fly? Some of us fly for transportation, some for excitement, some for the challenge of mastering something difficult. Whatever your inspiration, flying is an activity you're sure to enjoy for years to come. We won't tell you that learning to fly is easy, because it's not. As with everything worth having, it takes dedication, perseverance, practice and time. But you won't regret doing it. Read more about our program, then visit and talk to some of our members to find out why the Flyers is one of the area's best places to learn to fly.

Soon, a page called "Why Do We Fly" will be added to the site. Some of our members and visitors to the site will offer anecdotes about what motivated them to learn to fly. Why do you fly? Email us a contribution and we'll add your inspiration to the site.

Why Learn with the Flyers?
Over the years we have assembled an excellent flight instruction staff, supervised by the Chief Flight Instructor. Each new instructor undergoes orientation and standardization training with the chief instructor to ensure the quality and consistency of our training. Our aircraft are equipped and maintained to higher standards than are legally necessary, and equipment and accessories such as headsets and instrument charts are available for loan to members at no charge. Weather permitting, we conduct flight training operations seven days a week, year-round. Our FAQ and Expenses pages provide estimates of the time and costs involved in getting your license.

The flying club utilizes the Jeppeson Sanderson Flight Training System. Their program logically integrates the ground and flight portions of the training curriculum to foster faster learning and less expense. For individuals that enjoy a classroom environment, however, the club periodically offers standard ground school courses for the ground training portion of the curriculum.

The club has a complete assortment of audio-visual aids to complement flight and ground training. The club also has an ATC-610 flight simulator and plotter for instrument training.

To learn how to join the club and about our different membership classes, see our Library and FAQ pages.

Try a Discovery Flight
Sample the experience of piloting an airplane with no commitment to join the club. The Flyers offer Discovery Flights, short local trips with an instructor in which you do most of the flying. Check out the aircraft, get to know an instructor, log a little time, and see if flying is for you. Discovery Flights are $35; call our office at 994-6208 to schedule one today, or email us to request a time at

Ground Schools
A private pilot ground school is being held this fall between October 11 and December 13, on Monday evenings from 6:45 to 9:15 on the University of Michigan North Campus. Class is held in Room 1024 of the Francois Xavier Bagnoud (FXB) building. The cost is $195 plus supplies. Contact Michael Barrerra at 734-481-5461 to sign up. Ground school is a good way to get a jump on your training. Your cockpit time can be much more productive when you already understand the principles behind each maneuver and procedure. When you've completed the course you should be ready for your FAA written exam (see notes at right).

Jeppeson Training Program
Jeppeson Sanderson has long been one of the world's foremost and respected producers of aviation charts and educational materials. Their program is engaging, well thought out and comprehensive. The Jeppeson kit includes all the textbooks, federal regulations, logbooks and tools you will need to complete your private written test and prepare you for flight training. Kits are also available for advanced ratings.

Written Exams
Prior to taking your flight test, you are required to pass the appropriate FAA written exam with a score of 70 percent or better. The ground school discussed at left will prepare you for this exam, although it is possible to do so on your own or with one on one help from an instructor. The test questions are available in various places online (though the webmeister has not had time to look them up yet), and in test guides by Gleim and ASA Aviation Books. Some of these books are available for review at the club office or can be obtained from various aviation stores like Sportys (1-800-LIFTOFF). Tests can be taken at Slyvan Test Centers or the Aviation Center at Ann Arbor airport. You can register online for the Sylvan centers at

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