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This section contains hotlinks to a variety of aviation sites on the Web that our members have found useful. It is by no means a comprehensive list; if you want the fullest selection of aviation related resources, we suggest the Landings site. Whether you're looking for parts for your Sopwith Camel, METARS from Namibia, or employment with the UN black helicopter program, there's probably a link on Landings about it. All links will open in a new browser window, so it's easy to get back here.

We've broken the links down into some broad categories to help you find what you want. Click on the Link Categories hotlist below to jump directly to a particular section, and click on the Contents text link next to each headline to return to the category list. Weather links are not located here. They are on the Weather page.

If you have a suggestion for a link to include here, please email the URL and a brief description of the site's content to the Webmeister. Your contributions are appreciated.

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Aviation Sites • To Contents List

Landings - The premier aviation links site. As described above, has links to everything you could ever want to know about aviation.
AvWeb - Aviation site with lots of info, articles, news about a variety of topics. You can subscribe to a weekly free email newsletter with late-breaking news about GA and commercial aviation. Former Flyers president Rick Durden writes an occasional column.
The Aviation Cafe - Aircraft listings, ordering information for over 500 aviation book titles (many rare or hard to find), daily quiz, classified listings and more.
Air Affair - Fuel price database, calendar, gallery, destinations, other aviation links, training locations and more.
AirNav - Communications, location, fuel and runway information for every airport in the country, and airport diagrams for all Michigan airports (and in other states), trip planning aids and more.
SkyGod.com - Colossal compendium of aviation quotes and humor.
Southern Aviator Online - Site for Southern Aviator magazine; info about southern destinations and airports.

Organizations • To Contents List

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association - AOPA Web Site.
RentalPlanes.com - If you can't take one of ours, at least you can find out what's available when you get there. Search for the exact kind of plane you'd like to rent, anywhere in the US.
Stop Dreaming, Start Flying - Site for AOPA & GAMA's GA200 program to boost flight training.
Student Pilot Network - More information for aspiring pilots.
Experimental Aircraft Association
International Council of Airshows - Airshow organizers' site with searchable schedules and other info about airshows around the country.
United States Aerobatic Foundation
Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI)
The National Aeronautic Association (NAA)
CAF, Centex Wing - Central Texas Wing of the Confederate Air Force.

Government Sites • To Contents List

FAA Home Page - Lots of good information from your friends in the government.
FAA Links Page - Links to various aviation sites. Includes sites for many airports and airlines.
NOAA Aviation Weather Center list of products.
NOAA Aviation Digital Data Service.
NOAA METARs - The latest METARs for any airport.
National Air and Space Museum - Smithsonian air museum in Washington, DC.

Flying Clubs • To Contents List

University of Michigan Flyers - Hello? HELLO?! You're already here!
Rochester Flying Club - A flying club in Rochester NY.
CAP Rushmore Composite Sq., SD 40031 - Rapid City, SD's Civil Air Patrol Squadron based at Ellsworth AFB.

Training/Education • To Contents List

Virtual Flight Surgeons - Confidential expert aeromedical information and advice; get questions answered via email. Also has a nice aviation links page.
Survival information for many situations, including aviation accidents or ditchings; equipment and techniques. Stories and advice from people who've been there. If you're every forced down, this information could help bring you out alive.
North American Top Gun - OK, nobody said anything about practical. This is the site for one of the mock air combat training schools, flying WWII-era Texans. They also do formation training and checkouts.
SkyWarriors - Another air combat training school, flying T-34 Mentors out of Atlanta.
ELITE IFR simulation software - One of the top-rated PC-based simulation packages. Properly equipped, some of the time flown with this is even loggable.
Gleim Publications, Inc. - Gleim provides a variety of effective manuals to help you study for FAA written and practical exams.

Cool Aviation Images
• To Contents List

Aviation Image Archives (via the Landings site. We'll add more direct links to this category later.)

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