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Aircraft Rental Rates
The Michigan Flyers uses two fee structures (below) for aircraft rental. The 152s and Skyhawks are rented at a "wet" rate, which means that the cost of fuel is included in the rate. If you purchase fuel elsewhere, you must pay for it yourself, but if you turn the receipt over to the club your account will be credited.

The 182 and Debonair have a "dry" rate structure which does not include fuel in the rental. This was done for a couple of reasons. Fuel burn can vary significantly depending on the way the aircraft is being used. The dry rate gives the pilot a degree of control over the hourly cost not available with a wet rate. For example, for local training or sightseeing flights, the pilot can throttle back to a lower power setting and slower speed and save fuel and money. For cross-country trips the pilot can fly faster to reach the destination sooner (while burning fuel at a higher rate). Second, the fuel burn in these aircraft is higher, and because of their speed and range, they tend to be refueled away from home more often than the other airplanes. The dry rate offers some incentive for the pilot manage the fuel system for economy, and to shop around for better fuel prices.

Interestingly, although speeds and fuel consumption vary considerably from aircraft to aircraft, the cost per mile for each is quite similar (usually within five or 10 cents). Depending on how you fly, the same trip in the Debonair may not cost much more than it would in a 152.

Aircraft Rates
Cessna 152 (three in fleet)

Cessna 172 (two in fleet)

Cessna 182 (one in fleet)

Beechcraft Debonair (one in fleet)

Aircraft rental costs current as of 12/1/00.

$50/hour wet

$64 or 67/hr wet

$60/hr dry

$77/hr dry

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