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Scroll down to see some links to weather sites on the Web. These can be a great resource for preliminary planning or education. This is not a comprehensive list, just what we've seen so far that looks good. For an exhaustive list of weather related sites, try the weather page of the Landings aviation site. This has links to every weather source you could ever want (including the Long Island Golf Course Superintendent's Weather Page)... and at least a hundred that you'd never want in a million years.

Send us your suggestions for sites we could add to the listings. We'd prefer sites with great educational value (nothing too complicated; it has to be understandable to pilots, after all) or with practical applications to preliminary flight planning.

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Purdue Weather Processor - This is a great source of graphic weather information, with many graphic products, including radar and surface analysis charts, constant pressure plots and more. Includes all the data used to generate the standard aviation weather reports and forecasts, so you can dig behind the scenes to get a clearer picture of the weather out in the world. Also a lot of items not directly relevant to aviation but maybe interesting to weather geeks.Featured in the December 1998 AOPA Pilot magazine.

NOAA Aviation Weather Center - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration aviation weather pages, with government-issue textual weather products and some graphic offerings. Also see information about their operations and other offerings on their main page at NOAA Aviation Weather Center. Another variant of the NOAA offerings is a new FAA-sponsored site called ADDS, or Aviation Digital Data Service. We haven't checked it thoroughly but it appears to have all the aviation data you'd normally want.

Real Time Weather Data - Nice weather site with both textual and graphic weather products. Some of the graphic products are similar to those on the Purdue site, but with a different presentation that is sometimes easier to read. Links to the ADDS site mentioned above as well.

DUAT - Old Faithful DUATs finally made it onto the Web. The standard weather products, plus a nifty flight planner that accepts your aircraft's performance data and your route, and spits out a log with times, heading, fuel burn, etc.

FlightBrief - A subscription service, with all graphic products, including radar, satellite imagery, surface analysis charts, weather depictions and more. Updates occur more frequently than with many other services (as often as every 15 minutes in the case of some radar images). Prices are $13.95/month, with a special introductory offer (at this writing) of $9.95/month.

This weather information is provided for your education and as a supplement to actual FAA weather briefings. It should never be substituted for a thorough briefing from the FSS in the region in which you will fly. Federal Aviation Regulations (91.3) mandate that the pilot in command of an aircraft is responsible for, and is the final authority as to, the operation of that aircraft. It is your responsibility to ensure that information you find here is relevant and applicable to your purpose, and you use it at your own risk. The University of Michigan Flyers make no claims or warranties as to the suitability or applicability of any weather information on this site, or on other sites to which it is linked, for a particular pilot, aircraft, flight, or other operation or purpose whatsoever.
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