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Head Coach: Bev Plocki


"Never lose sight of your goals and never stop
striving to reach them."
    - Bev Plocki 2003
Nickname(s):   Bev
Birthday, Sign:   9/6/64, Virgo
Hometown:   Butler, PA
Parents:   Bob & Betty Fry
Siblings:   Brenda (44), Barbara (41),
Bridget (32)
Pets:   Black lab named Cole
Major:   B.S. in Professional Physical
Education, M.S. in Sports
Hobbies:   Raising 2 children



Q & A - About Gymnastics and U-M

At what age did you start gymnastics?   5
How did you become involved in gymnastics?   I had a neighbor who took gymnastics at a YMCA. She got me interested and I started taking lessons also.
What is your favorite event? Why?   Floor exercise - because you can really see the athlete's personality
What attracted you to the University of Michigan?   I saw it as an opportunity to build a national caliber program
What has been your most memorable (gymnastics) moment at U-M?   Winning our first Big Ten team title in 1992
What has been your most memorable (non-gymnastics) moment at U-M?   Watching all the athletes graduate and go on to have successful careers and families of their own.
What inspires you to keep going after a disappointing meet or a tough week of practice?   The fact that I know we can improve and overcome obstacles or weaknesses.
What advice would you share with up-and-coming gymnasts who aspire to be like you or one of your teammates?   Never lose sight of your goals and never stop striving to reach them.

Some of my Favorites include...

  Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts
  I listen to a lot of Top-40 stuff
  Erin Brockovich  
  Italian food  
  Too many to list  
volunteer event:
  Toys for Tots

Q & A - About You Personally

Something unique about me:
I don't take no for an answer very often.

Of all the places you have traveled to, which has been your favorite? Why?
I've been to 49 of 50 states. Alaska is the only state I've not been to. My favorite place I've ever gone though is Grand Cayman Island.

Who do you admire most in this world? Why?
My husband Jim. Because he is the example of the kind of person I want to be.

Besides family or friends, what is the ONE thing you couldn't live without?

Some Random Facts!

one word to describe me:
favorite sport at age 7:
favorite leotard:
  Too many to pick  
favorite sport at age 17:
shoe size:
cell phone color:
shampoo i use:
  I use a variety  
favorite jellybean flavor:

Even More Random Facts!

Best/worst excuse for being late to class/practice:   My meeting ran late
How many inches I’ve grown since 8th grade:   I can't remember that long ago
One thing I miss about college:   that carefree feeling
One thing I don’t miss about college:   papers
My best Halloween costume:   Queen of Hearts
If I could see anyone in the world do a wicked floor exercise, it would be:   Bill Martin
My choice over saying “soda” or “pop”:   Pop
Latest I have ever stayed up at night:   The better question is how many nights I've not ever gone to sleep.
What I do on the bus/plane when traveling to away meets:   Listen to music or watch a movie
Best (or strangest) pre-event routine:   I had an athlete who had to eat frozen chocolate yogurt before every meet.



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