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We were founded in 1996 by a group of about 25 students. We have meetings roughly once a month. One of our accomplishments is the creation of a Jain Educational Book for youths. We have strong ties to the Jain Society of Greater Detroit. Membership is open to any person affiliated with the University of Michigan who has an interest in the goals of the group. Contact the director if you wish to have your name added to the group's e-mail list.

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DirectorArpita J. Shahshahaj@umich.edu734-764-0725
DirectorShamita S. Shahsss@engin.umich.edu734-764-9657

Jain Educational Book

This illustrated book, entitled Jain Study Guide, was presented to the Jain Society of Greater Detroit at their annual fundraising dinner in Spring 1997. The Jain Study Guide's intended audience is teenagers with little to no previous education in Jainism. Highlights include the history of Jainism, Jain temples, karma, biographies of Jain leaders, Paryushan, and Jain prayers. You can download it here.

Jain Study Guide Download - 3,955,200 bytes, Word for Windows 95 format, 48 pages.


  1. NAME
    • We will officially be known as University of Michigan Jains (U.M.J).
    • Our purpose is to support, learn, educate, practice, and promote Jainism through communication within the group and others on campus.
    • There will be one director who will be responsible for any delegations and the overall behavior of the group. He must also carry out any duties that must be met with the University. There will be two co-directors who will be responsible for any paper work. One must also act as the director in the director's absence. Elections will be held if necessary during the first month of school.
    • Any student, alumni, faculty or staff of the University is eligible to be a member. One can become a member any time during the year.
    • There will be at least one meeting per month. All other activities must be approved by the director and co-director.
    • This constitution must be reviewed annually.
    • Any changes necessary, can only be done twice during the school year.
November 9, 1996
Please note that this an informal Contitution and will be revised heavily.

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