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Finding the Books

  1. Try one of your larger public libraries or a university library.
  2. Alternatively, you can contact the Jain Center near you.
  3. Nearly all of these books are out of print, but if you wish to buy a book, Amazon.com can help you get one.
  4. The Jain World Literature Page contains literature online.
  5. The Jain Database also has many books online.

Book Listing

Dundas, Paul
The Jains
London ; New York : Routledge, 1992
Recommended | Review Available
Jain, G. R
Cosmology : old and new
New Delhi : Bharatiya Jnanpith, 1991
Review Available
Jaina, Jyotiprasada
Religion and culture of the Jains
New Delhi : Bharatiya Jnanpith Publication, 1975
Recommended | Review Available
Jaini, Padmanabh Shrivarma
The Jaina path of purification
Berkeley : University of California Press, 1979
Recommended | Review Available
Kalghatgi, T. G.
Jaina logic : anek˙anta, naya, and sy˙adv˙ada
New Delhi : Shri Raja Krishen Jain Charitable Trust, 1984
[Varanasi] Bharatiya Jñanapitha Publication, 1971
Recommended | Review Available
Sanghavi, Sukhlalji
Advanced Studies in Indian Logic & Metaphysics
Calcutta: [R. K. Maitra]; Distributors: Firma K. L. Mukhopadhyaya, 1961
Tobias, Michael
Life force : the world of Jainism
Berkeley, Calif. : Asian Humanities Press, 1991
Recommended | Review Available
Umasvati,ca. 135- ca. 219
That which is = Tattvartha Sutra
San Francisco : HarperCollinsPublishers, 1994
Recommended | Review Available | Buy from Amazon.com
Warren, Herbert
Jainism in western garb
Madras : Thompson, 1912
Recommended | Review Available
Williams, Robert
Jaina yoga; a survey of the mediaeval sravakacaras
London, New York : Oxford University Press, 1963
Buy from Amazon.com

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