The University Of Michigan Japan Technology Management Program presents the 10th annual Lean Manufacturing Conference

Back to the Future
Lean Returns Home to Detroit: May 10-13




Conference Speakers


Back to Basics - Introduction to Lean Principles (Track 1) – Bob Anderson
Using Value Stream Mapping to Drive Improvement (Track 1) – Michele McLaughlin
Making Materials Flow (Track 2) – Rick Harris

Opening Plenary Session

Ford's Lean Journey - From Henry Ford into Tomorrow Jim Padilla
A Century of Lean Thinking Jim Womack
Toyota’s Lean Principles Come Home John Shook
Ford Heritage Project Dennis Profitt

Breakout Sessions - Full Day

Learning to Levelize
Phillip Aubert
Jim Hines
Greg Pothoff
Mike Rother
Brian Schlake

Methodologies for Developing and Improving Manufacturing Processes to Support Lean Manufacturing
Eric Ethington
Erica Hobbs-Gutberlet

Breakout Sessions - Half Day

Fundamentals of Shop Floor Management – The Toyota Approach
Keith Allman
Bill Costantino

Making Policy Deployment Work for You
Pascal Dennis
Erik Hagar

Supply Chain Science: Applying Lean at the Enterprise Level
Steve Hoeft

Seeing the Enterprise: Incorporating the Office into Value Stream Management
Beau Keyte

Transition to Lean at General Motors: Lansing’s Success Story
Bob Anderson
Ken Knight

The Toyota Way: the culture behind the Toyota Production System
Jeffrey Liker

Principles of Lean Product Development
Jim Morgan

When you Can’t Flow – Pull
Greg Ruddy

Lean Priniciples at the Rouge Truck Plant: An In-Depth Look
Ford Team

Closing Plenary Session

What You Need to Do and Why
Dennis Profitt
Russ Scaffede

You Design the Final Session
Walt Hancock
Jeffrey Liker
David Logozzo
Dennis Profitt
Russ Scaffede
John Shook
Jim Womack


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