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 UMRHC 3v3 Tournament

What equipment do I need to play?

For the roller hockey division you'll need your skates and a stick.  For the street hockey division you'll only need a stick.  Helmets, shin guards and gloves are highly suggested for both divisions.


What equipment do goalies need?

Goalies need a helmet, glove, blocker, chest protector and leg pads.  Since this is street hockey and a ball is being used, some alterations on equipment can be made.  For example, a baseball glove can be used instead of a goaltender's catching glove or a baseball catcher's chest protector can replace a hockey goalie's.


What if I don't have all the necessary equipment?

We can provide sticks to borrow if you let us know how tall you are and what your dominant hand is.  E-mail us for stick requests.


My team has never played hockey, will we stand a chance against the other teams?

We will do our best to create a schedule where teams play other teams with the a similar skill level.




Do I need to be able to field a whole team?

If you want to play but can't gather a whole team then register as many players are you can bring.  We'll get you a whole team for the tournament.


I registered my team online, can I show up to the tournament later?

The online registration reserves a place for you and your team, but in order to be registered for games you need to show up at the pre-tournament registration which will be held from 9:30-11am.


What is open play?

Open play is when the rink will be open for any of the tournament's participants to play hockey before the tournament begins.  It is a great opportunity to warmup, develop chemistry and get more bang for your buck.  It will officially be held from 10-11:45am.