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bowlingThe Russian Speakers Association offers a myriad of events and activities for its members. Here is a list of the few regular events that are held on a bi-weekly basis. There are no commitment requirements although members are encouraged to come to club events as often as they can; everyone knows we always have a great time together!

Event Overview

Every couple of weeks, we like to get together either on a Tuesday or Thursday night. For the 2008-2009 academic year, these meetings will generally take place at the Crazy Wisdom Tea Room or Espresso Royale Cafe, both located in Ann Arbor's downtown area. The meetings are a chance for members to meet new people, enjoy a stimulating conversation in Russian and/or about Russian culture, current events, or anything that interests you! Most attendees are either students of the Russian language or culture or people with Russian roots who want to keep in touch with this part of their heritage, but anyone is welcome. The Russian Speakers Association membership even includes people from outside of the University of Michigan community who share our interests, and we are always willing to extend membership to anyone who would like to become part of our organization!

Movie Nights and Parties

russian foodEvery once in a while, we get together to enjoy a Russian film, have some snacks, play some Russian card games, or just have a party in a good-natured Russian kind of way! Movie nights and RSA parties are a great way to indulge in the fine Russian humor, and take in the unique perspective of a Russian heritage shared by many of our RSA members.

The movie nights are one of the most popular club events and lots of members participate.

Tired of eating dorm food? Join us once in a while as we visit different local restaurants like Pizza House, Cottage Inn for an enjoyable dinner with friends. If you have any suggestions, just email the board to tell us about any restaurant you find intriguing.

Other Event Ideas

Though we often engage in very active past times, even we realize that sometimes the best form of hanging out is doing nothing, so if you are interested in just getting together for a quiet evening, feel free to join us once a week at locations such as coffee shops where we can just sit down, chat, and relax.

Other events that have been popular in the past include:

- Kayaking
- Ski Trips up-north
- Ice-skating nights at Yost Arena
- Volleyball at the CCRB/IMSB
- Hookah at Randezvous or Cafe Oz
- Russian Theatre, Classical Music, Ballet, and Dancing

Stay tuned by checking your email often and come check us out when you're feeling like trying something new and exciting with an adventurous, open-minded, and fun-loving group of people!


2008-2009 Event Calendar is currently being updated!
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russian balletUpcoming 2007-2008 RSA Events:

RSA Ski Trip 2008
February 8-10, 2008
Lake Charlevoix, Michigan

Past 2007-2008 Events:

September 18th
Russian Tea
8 PM, 410 E. Liberty (Thompson & Liberty)
Come for tea and snacks, and meet all members.

September 25th
Buffalo Wild Wings Dinner
8 PM, Located at the corner of S. State Street and Huron Street.

October 2nd
Starbucks Night
8 PM, Liberty & State
Come hang out with your Russian friends and students of the Russian language and culture for a nice cup of something wonderful and stimulating conversation!

October 25
Russian Ice Skating Night

Yost Ice Arena, 1000 S. State St.
8-10PM. Meet up in the lobby at 8, then take to the ice with your Russian Club buddies!

The St. Petersburg Philharmonic
Hill Auditorium, Nov. 4, 7PM

The St. Petersburg Philharmonic came to U-M this fall; many RSA members went and enjoyed the performance.

Buffalo Wild Wings Dinner
November 20

Russian Holiday Party
December 1

Starbucks Night
December 11

Buffalo Wild Wings Dinner
January 8

Completed 2007-2008 RSA Events:

RSA Recruiting Mass Meeting
September 21

Kayaking on the Huron River
September 29

Russian Culture Night
October 13

Russian Card Night
October 20

Cottage Inn Social Dinner/Gathering
October 24

Tea Time
November 9

Holiday Party
January 7

Up-North Ski Trip (Boyne Mountain/Highlands)
January 12-14

Russian Dinner
March 16

Tea Time
March 30

Movie Night, and Farewell
April 6





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