Mentor and StudentShare your University with young students from Detroit! Be a Campus Day Buddy!

Campus Day brings young students to UM for a day of exploration and excitement. With University Buddies, the children tour campus, engage in hands-on activities and do lots of talking. A Buddy answers questions, provides information about UM and college in general, assists with the activities and has fun with the students. As a Buddy, you will spend a planned day in the Spring with 2 or 3 elementary school students. You are expected to participate for the entire day (from approx. 9-3).

Past Schedule:

8:30-9:30: Registration & Orientation for volunteers

9:30-10:30: Kids arrive, guest speaker & pairing with buddies

10:40-11:10: Activity 1

11:20-11:50: Tour of Central Campus

12:00-12:30: Activity 2


Lunch 1:30-2:00: Athletic campus tour

2:00-3:00: Kids depart and UM students participate in reflection/wrap-up

Reactions to Campus Days:

"My trip to the University was the best class trip I ever took." Elementary student

Students"Thanks for giving up your class time for me that a really special thing to do on that day." Elementary student

"I thought it was a memorable experience for them, as well as myself." UM volunteer

"College seemed like a dream for these children-they had such enthusiasm and excitement for the place."
UM volunteer

"I found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my teaching career. In one day my students saw and did more than they have before. Just getting them out of their neighborhood was a huge learning experience for all of us." Elementary teacher

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