Work Gloves

Mentor Share the talents and abilities of your student group or University department with school children from Detroit. Lead a one-time, educational, interactive experience in Noble or Stellwagen Elementary School.

This is how your organization or department can get involved...

1. Decide what you'd love to teach

Participating teachers have determined the subject matters they would like covered in their classes. We will match you interests with a teacher's needs.

2. Make a commitment

This includes time spent planning your lesson, at least 45 minutes in the classroom and a 90 minute round-trip to Detroit.

3. Plan your lesson

Your activity needs to be interactive, age appropriate and include the entire class. SEED will assist you in the planning stages and provide funding for your materials.

4. Get there

SEED will provide your group's round-trip transportation to Detroit.

5. E-mail

seed! to be a partner.

MentorExamples of past lessons:

Voting - LSA Student Government conducted a mock election with a 5th grade class.

African Symbols - The African Student Association not only did an art project relating to symbols, they also went to the class in traditional African dress.

Ratios - Mortar Board helped students build a scale model of a classroom.

Indian Dance - As an introduction to Indian culture, the Indian American Student Association wore traditional dress and taught a class Indian dance.

RMentoreactions to Classroom Partnerships:



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