We are the voice of the silent. We are advocates for justice. We are ALL IN for life. We are . . .

Students for Life

At the University of Michigan

Winter 2014 Executive Officers

President Mary Nachazel


Vice President Taylor Crookston


Treasurer Michael Puskar


I am pro-life because I want to help people and save lives, not just in the womb, but outside the womb as well. I believe that the right to live is the greatest and most basic of all human freedoms, and if we don't have the right to live, then none of our freedoms are guaranteed. We wish to stop capital punishment and euthanasia to allow people to have a second chance in life. We wish to stop the killing of those inside the womb to allow these people to have the choice and the freedom to live their lives outside the womb.

Secretary John Paul

John Paul

Events Chair Anne Morris


I am pro life because I believe life is a sacred gift that should not be taken for granted. Every person in their life has the ability to uniquely contribute to society- they just need to be given the chance to live it. On a more personal level though, I am especially touched by this issue. My mother was well into her 40s with two teenage kids and a full time job when she became pregnant with me. No one would have judged her if she had decided to have an abortion. Instead, she chose to have me and I am thankful for my life everyday!

Publicity Chair Amanda Salvi


A fetus in a woman's womb is not simply a bag of cells to be disposed of at will. It, rather, he or she, is a growing, developing, actual human wing. Such a human, like you and me, deserves protection and love. I am pro-life in order to provide such protection and love to these most innocent and abused of humans, while at the same time supporting, protecting, and loving all mothers.

Historian Available Position

Fundraising Chair Available Position

Pregnant on Campus Chair Maria Grekowicz


When I was a freshman here at the University of Michigan, I found myself faced with an unexpected pregnancy. All my life, I had been raised to believe that human life is sacred - but I always felt uncomfortable telling other people what I knew to be true about the value of every human being, and kept my beliefs to myself. Finding myself in the very stituation that people use in the abortion debate, I realized that i could keep silent no longer - every unborn child was suddently MY child, and every frightened and vulnerable woman was suddenly ME. I am pro-life because every unborn child is fully human and precious, and because I believe that no woman should have to kill her own child in order to overcome her circumstances.

Webmaster Colleen Martin


Students for Life at the 2011 March for Life in Washington, D.C. and a few other events throughout the year.

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