Fall 2014 Executive Officers

President Ali Smith


Interim Vice President Taylor Crookston


"I am pro-life because life is not a privilege for the planned; it is an inalienable right. I am pro-life because it is the only viewpoint that aligns with science, logic, philosophy, and the Constitution. I am pro-life to stop one of our time's greatest tragedies, to fight on behalf of the one-third of my generation that has been lost. I am pro-life to abolish abortion."

Treasurer Michael Puskar


"I am pro-life because I want to help people and save lives, not just in the womb, but outside the womb as well. I believe that the right to live is the greatest and most basic of all human freedoms, and if we don't have the right to live, then none of our freedoms are guaranteed. We wish to stop capital punishment and euthanasia to allow people to have a second chance in life. We wish to stop the killing of those inside the womb to allow these people to have the choice and the freedom to live their lives outside the womb."

Secretary John Paul Imperial

John Paul

"I am pro-life because I believe life is an unalienable right that belongs to every single human being, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, or socioeconomic status. This right cannot and should not be denied to anyone, and it is our duty to stand up for those whose right to life is being taken away from them. Abortion directly infringes upon this basic right, and thus I want to ensure that every woman has the help and resources necessary to make life-affirming decisions, for both her health and well-being as well as her child's."

Social Chair Mary Nachazel


Publicity Chair Katie Hrebec


"I am pro-life because I believe that the denial of personhood to any human being- born or unborn- is wrong. Mantras telling women like myself that 'my body' and 'my choice' supercede the rights of everyone else don't empower us; they create a culture of destructive choices and hurt women. The right to life is not a matter of situation or personal preference. In a civilized society, it should be a guarantee. I believe that providing for women facing crisis pregnancies so that they can make life-affirming choices shows respect for both lives."

Pregnant on Campus Chair Rachel Crawford


"Women's rights begin at conception."

Fundraising Chair Jesse Newton


"I am pro-life because life is a fundamental right. No one has the authority to deem someone unworthy of life. I cannot sit idly while so many are denied their most important right. This is why I choose to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. It is my duty to defend life. It is my privilege to support women facing difficult decisions. It is my goal to promote awareness and understanding, so that every woman can feel secure in making choices that affirm the right to life."

Historian Position Available

Position Available

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