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Monthly Update, November 2009

Dear Friends and Alums of U of M's chapter of Students for Life,

We hope you are having a fantastic fall! This is the first of many monthly updates about the activities of our club.

First of all, we began the school year with a pizza and ice cream party and had a great turn out. At the meet and greet, attendance was high and has been maintained through the last two months. As the club grows, our impact on the local community and on the pro-life movement as a whole grows, gaining strength with every new member.

As for major events, our club participated in the national campaign "40 Days for Life" which involved protests at the local abortion clinic. We had a great turnout for that, and we had members passing out flowers and flyers to women as they passed. Even though the campaign recently came to a close, we are planning to continue our weekly protests throughout the semester and the year.

Besides protesting at the local Planned Parenthood, our club has continued to volunteer at Arbor Vitae, the local crisis pregnancy center. By taking an active role in this side of the pro-life movement, we are making a small but significant effort to reduce abortions in the Ann Arbor community. Many students also participate in Guadeloupe Partner's Sidewalk Counseling, a project that looks to educate young women about the alternatives to abortion.

Also in terms of educating fellow Ann Arborites, many students gave a presentation at St. Mary's Student Parish, providing testimonies of why they are pro-life. Many club members participated in Ann Arbor's Life Chain and October's Day of Silence.

U of M's SFL has many exciting upcoming events. We are holding a diaper drive for Arbor Vitae from Nov. 7th-Nov.22nd and hosting a baby shower to benefit the center on the Nov. 20th. In terms of publicity, we are going to chalk up the campus, flyer about health care reform, and write letters to the campus newspapers. To bring the club closer, we will be holding a few social events this month as well as the annual Christmas party. As mentioned earlier, we are continuing are trips to the Ann Arbor Planned Parenthood to peacefully protest abortion.

Have a great November and look forward to the December newsletter!

For Life,

The U of M Students for Life 2009-2010

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