Michigan Table Tennis Club

We Are Moving!

(5/15/2017) Michigan Table Tennis was previously affiliated with the University of Michigan Club Sports and held practice in the Sports Coliseum (Ann Arbor). Due to recent events, which we perceived to be unfair and discriminatory sanctions by Club Sports against the club, as well as multiple failed attempts at reconciliation, we have decided to sever our relationship with Club Sports. Details surrounding this event are laid out in our resignation letter.

Following our departure from Club Sports, the club is currently looking for a new facility to host our practices for the 2017-2018 academic year. We will update the website with our new practice times and location as soon as possible. Please contact us at ttofficers1@umich.edu if you have questions or suggestions.

Please consider donating to our club through our GoFundMe project. This will help us a lot in setting up the new club.

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