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Frequently Asked Questions about the Counter

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counter: you've got questions; we've got answers.

1. Why did I get a counter migration message? There is no counter on my page.

We copied several webmaster groups on campus for completeness (many pages have no contact information listed, so we're trying to get as many webmasters as possible). You were, no doubt, included through one of these groups. No action is required on your part.

2. How long will the legacy counter continue to work?

The legacy counter will continue to work through the end of Fall Term 2001. Starting Winter Term 2002 the legacy counter will no longer be available.

3. What will happen if I continue to use the legacy counter?

Beginning Winter Term 2002, any page with a reference to the legacy counter will instead show a broken image.

4. Why does the counter increment everytime I load my page?

The counter increments anytime your page is hit. Due to a bug in the previous counter, sometimes the image would be cached and hence not update. We have corrected this in the new counter, and do not have any plans to re-implement the buggy behaviour.

5. Can I use black font on a white background?

Yup! Just add the following as arguments to your counter:

6. I find the default font does not make me happy. What can I do about it?

The counter has lots of cool fonts, you can check them out at the Counter Documentation. If you have a freely available truetype font that you woblockquote like to see added to this list please submit download information, author's name, and contact information to webmaster. We will not be able to add every font that is submitted, but we will check it out.

7. What happened to the odometer? It was so cool!

We use gd to generate the counter images. Unisys holds a patent on the LZW compression algorithm, which is used in fully compressed GIF images. The best solution is to move to legally unencumbered, well-compressed, modern image formats such as PNG and JPEG as soon as possible. So the new counter supports JPEGs, PNGs, and we use TrueType fonts. See previous questions on how to submit fonts.

8. Can the counter ignore multiple IP addresses or domain names?

It sure can! Simply put an "&" between multiple IP address or domain name arguments to the counter:

9. My counter is showing a really high number. What happened?

Is your counter counting hits to our documentation page? If you have the following:
        <img src="http://counter.www.umich.edu/counter?link=
then you are! The reason your page has so many hits is that it is displaying the hit count for *our* documentation page, as we use in our example! Clearly we are very popular.Change the part after link= to reflect the URL of your own page.