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Elementary Outreach

Come join during this semester's sessions!
It is a very small time commitment. We will meet for 15 minutes to go over the "lesson plan" as well as the hour or so that the session s hould take. The following is a list of dates and times that we have set up for the semester:

Friday, November 20: 9:30am
Friday, December 4: 10:30am

Please join us during these times! To sign up, please contact the Elementary Outreach chair.

The aim of this committee is to educate elementary students about the harmful effects of tobacco use, as well as the severity of lung and skin cancers. It is extremely crucial to instill in youths the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle as children and then carry that mentality with them through adulthood.

We will be visiting elementary schools around the city of Ann Arbor a few times a month. Once there, we will raise awareness about lung cancer from tobacco use and skin cancer by playing fun, interactive games. In past years the kids have been very receptive of our visits and anxious for your return.

Transportation will be included.

Chairs: Shella Marder.