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The Rhetorics and Rituals of (Un)veiling
in Early Modern Europe


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This interdisciplinary conference at the University of Michigan (3-5 October 1997) considers various manifestations and significances of a gendered body and its veiling in social practices and discursive constructions. In European culture from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries a dichotomy between a supposed "natural" body and its cultural veiling was not clear cut. Both the body and its various cultural coverings could be porous, as were the concomitant concepts of "public" and "private". Ten visiting scholars will deliver papers alongside a nearly equal number of local faculty and graduate students. The keynote address will be given by Peter Stallybrass and Ann Rosalind Jones. Visitors are Giulia Calvi, Tom Conley, William Eamon, Valentin Groebner, Katherine Park, Patricia Parker, Richard Rambuss and Patricia Seed. Papers will address such topics as costume, anatomy, scientific "secrets", cartography, rhetorical and legal notions of the "veil", erotic practices of revelation and concealment in painting and Neoplatonism, and colonizing practices in the "New World". An exhibition, concert by the Harp Consort, and workshops are also planned. For more information contact Pat Simons in History of Art (313) 764-5400.

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