Board Members

  • Sarah Spath, Co-President

    Senior: Business
    From: Sterling Heights, MI

  • Katie Brady, Co-President

    Senior: Nursing
    From: Oxford, MI

  • Ashline Hermiz, Events Planning Director

    Junior: Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience
    From: Bloomfield, MI

  • Alyssa Lopez, Events Planning Director

    Senior: Community Action and Social Change
    From: Oxford, MI

  • Tessa Maynard, Social and Fundraising Director

    Senior: Biomolecular Science and Spanish
    From: Madison Heights, MI

  • Sam Antczak, Health Events Director

    Junior: History Major
    From: Chicago, IL

  • Hilary Baruch, Health Events Director

    Senior: Evolutionary Anthropology
    From: Potomac, MD

  • Alex Chappell, Outreach Director and Webmaster

    Junior: Cell and Molecular Biology
    From: Royal Oak, MI