About Professor Pecoraro

Biographical Sketch

NAME: Vincent L. Pecoraro

POSITION TITLE: John T. Groves Collegiate Professor of Chemistry; Research Scientist, Biophysics Research Division.


Institute and Location Degree Year Conferred Field of Study (Advisor)
University of California, Los Angeles, CA B.S. 1977 Biochemistry (W.F. Libby)
University of California, Berkeley, CA Ph.D. 1981 Chemistry (K.N. Raymond)
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI Postdoctoral Researcher 1984 Biochemistry (W.W. Cleland)

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  • Present
    • John T. Groves Collegiate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Senior
    • Research Scientist, Biophysics Research Division, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    • Membership in Institutes and Interdisciplinary Programs (U of M)
    • Center for Molecular Genetics (Exec. Comm., 1987-90),
    • Molecular Biophysics Training Program (PI, 1989-90),
    • Cellular Biotechnology Training Program
    • Chemistry Biology Interface Training Program (Director, 2004-)
    • Chemical Biology Ph.D. Program (Program Committee, 2004-)
    • Blaise Pascal International Chair for Research, University of Paris-11 (2011-12)
  • 1992-2005 Professor, Department of Chemistry
  • 4/1998 Professeur Visité, Université de Paris-Sud (11), Orsay, France
  • 1-8/98 Visiting Professor, Wilhelms Westfalische Universität, Münster, Germany
  • 8-12/97 Visiting Research Scientist, Merck Central Research, Rahway
  • 1989-92 Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • 1-6/1991 Visiting Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • 1984-9 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


    American Association for the Advancement of Science (Fellow 2001-)
    American Chemical Society
    American Society of Biochemists and Molecular Biologists
    Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry
    Sigma Xi
    Alpha Chi Sigma (Chemistry Fraternity)


    National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellow (1981-1984)
    Horace H. Rackham Foundation Fellow (1985)
    Eli Lilly Foundation Fellow (1985)
    G.D. Searle Biomedical Research Scholar (1986-1989)
    Alfred P. Sloan Fellow (1989-1990)
    LS&A Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Instruction (1991)
    Faculty Recognition Award, University of Michigan (1993)
    ACS Akron Section Award for Excellence in Chemistry (1995)
    Frontier’s Lecturer, Texas A & M University (1996)
    Mary Kapp Lecturer, Virginia Commonwealth University (1997)
    Karcher Lecturer, University of Oklahoma (1999)
    PittCon Lecturer, Duquesne University (2004)
    Alexander Von Humboldt Award for Senior US Scientists (1998-99)
    Chair, Metals in Biology Gordon Conference, (2000)
    Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (2000)
    US Young Investigator for IUPAC Assembly (2001)
    Margaret and Herman Sokol Faculty Award in the Sciences (2004-5)
    Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award, University of Michigan (2008)
    La Chaire Internationale des Recherche Blaise Pascal (2010-2012)
    Taiwan National Lecturer (2010)
    ACS Fellow (2010)
    Vanadis Award (2010)
    ACS Award for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry (2016)
    Luigi Sacconi Memorial Lecture, University of Florence, Florence, Italy (2016)


  • Present:
    • Synthetic models for the active site structure and chemical mechanism of manganese enzymes. Biological chemistry of vanadium. Development of the chemistry of metallacrowns. De Novo metallopeptide design.
      8/84 The use of cobalt(III) and chromium(III) nucleotides to elucidate the mechanism of phosphoryl transfer in kinases. Stability, structure and metal ion exchange kinetics of M(II) nucleotide phosphorothioates.
  • 8/81
    • Determination of the metal binding residues in transferrin.
      Stability of Fe(III), Ga(III) and In(III) complexes of multidentate
      catecholate chelating agents. Mechanism of iron transport to
      bacteria by siderophores.


Gordon Conferences

    1984 Enz., Coenzymes, Metabolic Pathways (1 poster)
    1986-9 Metals in Biology (1 poster/meeting)
    1988 Photosynthesis (1 poster, 1 Lecture)
    1991 Metals in Biology (1 poster)
    1991 Photosynthesis (1 Lecture)
    1992 Metals in Biology (1 Lecture)
    1993-4 Metals in Biology (1 poster/meeting)
    1994 Photosynthesis (1 Lecture)
    1995 Metals in Biology (1 Lecture)
    1996 Metals in Biology (1 Poster)
    1996 Student GRC: Metals in Biology (Session Chair)
    1997 Metals in Biology (1 poster)
    1999 Metals in Biology (invited lecture, MEETING VICE-CHAIR)
    2000 Metals in Biology (MEETING CHAIR)
    2001 Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms (1 invited lecture)
    2002 Inorganic Chemistry (1 invited lecture)
    2003 Metals in Biology (“Thursday night” lecture)
    2004 Environmental Bioinorganic Chemistry (1 invited lecture)
    2005 Metals in Biology
    2008 Renewable Energy: Solar Fuels (1 invited lecture)
    2010 Metals in Biology
    2010 Metals in Medicine
    2011 Metals in Biology (Session Chair)
    2012 Metals in Biology (1 invited lecture)
    2014 MIB; Graduate Research Symposium (session chair and lecturer)
    2014 Biology and Chemistry of Peptides (1 invited lecture)

ACS National Meetings

    4/85 Miami (1 poster)
    8/85 Chicago (3 posters,1 symposium organized)
    4/86 New York (1 poster,1 symposium organized)
    8/86 Anaheim (1 poster, 1 symposium organized)
    4/87 Denver (1 poster, 1 symposium organized)
    9/87 New Orleans (1 poster, 1 symposium organized)
    6/88 Toronto (7 posters, coauthor 1 talk)
    9/88 Los Angeles (1 invited talk, 1 symposium organized)
    8/90 Washington (2 talks (students), 1 poster)
    8/91 New York (1 symposium talk)
    4/92 San Francisco (2 posters)
    3/93 Co-Organizer symposium on Mechanistic Bioinorganic Chemistry, Denver (1 invited presentation, 2 posters)
    3/94 Organizer From Siderophores to Stereognostics Symposium in honor of KN Raymond for Bader Award (1 talk, 2 posters)
    12/95 Pacific Basin Meeting, Honolulu (1 symposium talk)
    11/97 Chemical Congress of North America, Cancun, Mexico (1 invited lecture on
    Vanadium Chemistry)
    8/98 Oxygen Activation Session, Boston ACS, 1 invited lecture
    4/01 Metallopeptide Design, San Diego ACS, 1 invited lecture
    4/02 Finite and Infinite Polygonal Assemblies, Orlando ACS, 1 invited lecture
    9/06 Biological Chemistry of Vanadium, 1 invited lecture
    3/07 Biomimetics for practical function (1 invited lecture)
    4/08 Celebrating Bioinorganic, Supramolecular, Lanthanide and Actinide Chemistry with Ken Raymond (1 invited Lecture)
    4/08 Metals in Health and Disease (1 invited Lecture)
    12/10 Molecular Modeling of Bioinorganic Chemistry (1 keynote lecture) Honolulu, Hawaii
    8/11 Fifty Years of Inorganic Chemistry (1 invited lecture), Denver, Colorado
    8/13 Moleculr Magnetism (1 invited lecture) Indianapolis, Indiana
    3/14 Supramolecular Chemistry (1 invited lecture), Dallas, Texas
    8/15 De Novo Enzyme Design (1 invited Lecture) Boston, MA
    8/15 Design of Electron Transfer Proteins (1 invited Lecture) Boston, MA
    3/16 ACS Award Lecture for Distinguished Service in the Advancement of Inorganic Chemistry, A Short History of Metallacrowns, San Diego, CA


    4/85 II Int. Conf. Bioinorg. Chem. (1 poster)
    4/85 FASEB Nat. Meeting (1 poster)
    8/86 VII Int. Cong. Photosynthesis (1 poster, 1 short talk)
    10/86 Midwest Photosynthesis Conference (1 poster)
    4/87,88 Searle Scholar's Meeting (1 poster)
    6/87 III Int. Conf. Bioinorg. Chem. (1 poster)
    10/87 Inorg. Discussion Weekend, Univ. Windsor (3 posters)
    10/87 Midwest Photosynthesis Conference (1 poster)
    4/89 Searle Scholars Meeting [Chicago, IL (1 invited talk)]
    6/89 Int. Conf. Coord. Chemistry [Brisbane, Australia
    (1 invited poster, session chairman)]
    6/89 Marine Bioinog. Chem. Meeting [Heron Island, Australia (1 invited talk)]
    7/89 IV Int. Conf. Bioinorg. Chem. [Boston, MA (1 invited talk, 1 poster)]
    8/89 VIII Int. Cong. Photosynthesis [Stockholm, Sweden (1 poster)]
    9/89 Metal Ion Biosensors [Chapel Hill, N.C. (1 poster)]
    2/90 The Inorganic/Molecular Biology Interface, UCLA Symposium Series [Taos, N.M. (1 invited talk)]
    4/91 North Carolina ACS Sectional Meeting (1 talk)
    7/91 NSF Workshop at University of Georgia, Athens (invited talk on Manganese Biochemistry)
    3/92 The Inorganic Chemistry/Molecular Biology Interface, Keystone Symposium Series on Cellular and Molecular Biology [Meeting Chairman (with S. Lippard and M. Karin)]
    1/93 Enzyme Mechanisms Meeting [Key Largo, Fl]
    6/94 NATO Advanced Study Institute on Bioinorganic Chemistry [Rhodes, Greece, Primary lecturer, 2 lectures]
    7/94 Int. Conf. Coord. Chemistry, Kyoto, Japan [invited lecture]
    7/94 Macrocycle Satellite Conference, Fukuoka, Japan [invited lecture]
    11/94 ESF Advanced Course in Oxygenic Photosynthesis, Gif-sur- Yvette, France [invited speaker]
    8/95 NSF Workshop at University of Georgia, Athens (invited talk on Manganese Biochemistry)
    8/95 Xth Int. Cong. Photosynthesis [Montpelier, France (1 poster)]
    9/95 VII Int. Conf. Bioinorg. Chem. ICBIC [Lübeck, Germany (1 invited talk)]
    6/96 Cu, Fe and Mn in Biology [Minneapolis (1 inv. talk)]
    8/96 Int. Conf. Coord. Chem., ICCC, Vancouver, Canada (1 inv. lecture)
    10/96 ESF Advanced Course in Photosynthesis, Sitges, Spain [invited speaker]
    12/96 Symposium on Bioorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Graduiertenkolleg “Hochreactive Mehrfachbindungssysteme”, Universität Münster, Germany [1 inv. lecture]
    5/97 ESF Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry, Tomar, Portugal [1 inv. lecture]
    6/97 Canadian Chemical Society, Plenary Lecturer, Windsor, Canada
    6/97 5th International Symposium on Metallomesogens, Neuchâtel, Switzerland [1 invited lecture]
    7/97 VIII Int. Conf. Bioinorg. Chem. ICBIC [Yokohama, Japan (1 invited lecture)]
    5/98 European Network on Photosynthesis, Sigtuna, Sweden (1 inv. lecture)
    6/98 Italian Society of Inorganic Chemistry, Maratea, Italy (plenary)
    8/98 Int. Conf. Coord. Chem., ICCC, Florence, Italy (1 inv. lecture)
    8/98 XIth Int. Cong. Photosynthesis, Budapest, Hungary (1 invited talk)
    4/99 5th International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry, Corfu, Greece (1 plenary lecture)
    6/99 International Conference on Metallomesogens, Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany (1 invited lecture)
    8/99 GDCh/IUPAC, Biological Chemistry of Vanadium, Berlin, (1 invited lecture)
    2/00 European TMR Network on Photosynthesis, Dublin, Ireland (1 invited lecture)
    7/00 Int. Conf. Coord. Chem., ICCC, Edinburgh, Scotland (1 invited talk)
    7/00 European BioInorganic Chemistry Conference, EUROBIC, Toulouse, France (1 invited talk)
    11/00 Symposium on Electron Transfer Processes, Graduiertenkolleg “Hochreactive Mehrfachbindungssysteme”, Universität Münster, Germany [1 inv. lecture]
    3/01 Cost D-8 Working Group “Metals in Biology,” Dublin, Ireland (1 invited lecture)
    5/01 et:pt:HAT:pcet: 40 years of Tunneling in Biology, Univ. Penn., (1 invited talk)
    6/01 Physical Approaches to Biological Problems, A Symposium in Tribute to Gerald Babcock, Michigan State University, (1 invited lecture)
    8/01 International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry (ICBIC) Florence, Italy (plenary lecturer)
    1/02 PacifiKen 2002, A Conference in Honor of Kenneth N. Raymond, Berkeley, California (Conference Organizer, 1 Lecture)
    3/02 9th workshop DBMS IBS : Metals in Biology, Autrans, France (1 lecture)
    9/02 ESF conference on "The Inorganic Side of Molecular Architecture" San Feliu de Guixois, Spain (1 invited lecture).
    4/03 5th International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry, Guanajuato, Mexico, (1 plenary lecture)
    7/03 11th international Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry (ICBIC), Cairns, Australia, (1 invited lecture)
    8/03 5th International Conference on F-Group Elements, Geneve, Switzerland (1 Invited Lecture)
    9/03 COST D-21 Metals in Biology Working Group, Evaluator, (1 Plenary Lecture) Thessaloniki, Greece
    11/03 314th WE-Heraeus-Seminar "Water Oxidation in Photosynthesis" Bad Honnef, Germany (1 invited lecture)
    9/04 European BioInorganic Chemistry Conference, EUROBIC, Garmesch, Germany (1 invited talk)
    9/04 4th International Symposium on Chemistry and Biological Chemistry of Vanadium, Szeged, Hungary (Plenary lecture)
    6/05 28th Annual Brazilian Society of Chemistry Meeting, Poços de Caldas, Brazil (1 Plenary lecture)
    7/05 Santa Maria Workshop on Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry, Havana, Cuba (1 Plenary lecture, VISA DENIED BY US TREASURY)
    7/05 1st Conference on Biomolecular Design, Chicago (Plenary Lecture)
    9/05 Sonderforschungsbereich, "Metal Mediated Reactions Modelled after Nature,” Friedrich-Schiller-University and the Max Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany (1 invited lecture)
    9/05 Xth International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry “Challenge for New Generation”, Szklarska Por?ba, Poland (1 invited lecture)
    11/05 Annual Symposium at the Institute for Metals in Biology Grenoble (1 plenary lecture).
    5/06 COST D-21 Metals in Biology Working Group, Evaluator, (1 Plenary Lecture) Leuvain, Belgium.
    8/06 Int. Conf. Coord. Chem., ICCC, Capetown, South Africa (1 invited talk)
    4/07 Royal Society Discussion Meeting: How Nature Uses Sunlight to Split Water (1 invited talk)
    7/07 ICBIC, Vienna, Austria, (1 invited talk)
    9/07 Int. Conference on Chirality at the Nanoscale, Sitges, Spain (1 talk)
    3/08 Zing Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Cancun (1 talk)
    7/08 Int. Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry, Las Vegas, (1 invited talk)
    7/08 6th International Symposium on Chemistry and Biological Chemistry of Vanadium, Lisbon, Portugal (1 invited talk)
    7/08 10th Int. Symposium on Activation of Dioxygen and Homogeneous Catalytic Oxidation (1 Plenary Lecture)
    8/08 4th EuChemMS Conference on Nitrogen Ligands in Coordination Chemistry, Metal-Organic Chemistry, Bioinorganic Cheistry and Homogeneous Catalysis (1 Plenary Lecture)
    9/08 9th EUROBIC, Wroclaw, Poland, (1 Invited Lecture)
    9/08 3rd Int.Meeting of the Institute of Metals in Biology, Grenoble, France (1 invited Lecture)
    3/09 Zing Conference on Coordination Chemistry, Antigua (1 Plenary)
    7/09 ICBIC, Nagoya, Japan (1 invited talk)
    9/09 International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry, Debrecen, Hungary, (1 Plenary lecture)
    11/09 Molecular Science for Solar Fuels (1 invited Lecture) Sigtuna, Sweden
    6/10 10th EUROBIC, Thessaloniki, Greece, (1 Plenary Lecture)
    9/10 XIth International Conference on Bioinorganic Chemistry, Kudowa, Poland (1 invited lecture)
    9/10 Chem.Comm. Conference, Osaka, Japan and Seoul, South Korea (1 plenary lecture)
    10/10 7th International Symposium on Chemistry and Biological Chemistry of Vanadium, Toyama, Japan (Vanadis Award Address)
    11/10 AsBIC, Kaohshiung, Taiwan (1 Keynote lecture)
    6/11 Int. Symp. on Thermodynamics of Metal Complexes, Giardini Naxos, Italy (1 plenary lecture)
    7/11 Int. Symp. Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry, Bristol, England (1 poster)
    8/11 ICBIC, Vancouver, Canada (1 lecture)
    9/11 Int. Conf on Nligands Granada, Spain (1 keynote lecture)
    12/11 International Symposium on Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry, Barcelona, Spain (1 lecture)
    8/12 PacifiKen II, Portland, Oregon (invited lecture)
    8/12 International Conference on f-elements, Udine, Italy (plenary lecture)
    9/12 11th EUROBIC, Granada, Spain (1 keynote lecture)
    9/12 ICCC Valencia, Spain (1 keynote lecture)
    11/12 AsBIC VI, Hong Kong (1 keynote lecture)
    3/13 Metals in Biology and Medicine, Punta del Este (1 plenary lecture)
    4/13 Argentinian Chemical Society, Rosario (1 plenary lecture)
    7/13 ICBIC 16, Grenoble, France (1 keynote lecture)
    8/13 12th International Symposium on Bioinorganic Chemistry, Wroclaw, Poland (plenary lecture)
    9/13 Italian Chemical Society, Parma, Italy (plenary lecture)
    6/14 International Conference on Chemistry and Biology of Vanadium, Padua, Italy (keynote lecture)
    8/14 Brazilian Chemical Society NAtional Meeting, Minas Gerais, Brazil (1 plenary lecture)
    8/14 EUROBIC 12, Zurich, Switzerland (1 session lecture)
    1/15 Foldamers, Bordeaux, France (1 plenary lecture)
    7/15 ICBIC 17, Beijing, China (invited lecture)
    9/15 12th International Symposium on Bioinorganic Chemistry, Karpacz, Poland (invited lecturer)
    9/15 Sardinean Summer School on Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry, Sardinia, Italy
    7/16 ICCC (1 invited lecture), Development of Luminescent Metallacrowns, Brest, France
    6/17 ISABC (1 plenary lecture) Biomedical Applications of Near IR Lumiphores, Toulouse, France
    7/17 ICBIC 18, (1 Plenary Lecture) The Art of Metalloprotein Design, Florianopolis, Brazil


    Lecture Titles: MN= Understanding Photosynthesis Using Modeling Chemistry
    V= From Ozone Holes to Diabetes: Understanding the Biological
    Chemistry of Vanadium
    MC= Metallacrowns: Not Just Another Crown Ether
    MP= De Novo Designed Metallopeptides

    11/84 O University of Michigan (Inorg. Chemistry)
    4/86 MN Wayne State University (Inorg. Chemistry)
    10/87 MN University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Inorg. Chem.)
    10/87 MN Middlebury College, Vermont (Dept. Colloquium)
    10/87 MN University of Vermont, Burlington (Inorg. Chem.)
    10/87 MN Concordia University, Montreal (Biochemistry)
    11/87 MN Indiana University, Bloomington (Inorg. Chem.)
    1/88 MN Bowling Green State University (Dept. Colloquium)
    10/88 MN University of Maryland, College Park (Biochem)
    10/88 MN Johns-Hopkins University (Inorg. Chem.) 10
    10/88 MN Michigan State University (Inorg. Chem.)
    11/88 MN Rutgers University (Inorg. Chem.)
    11/88 MN Emory University (Inorg. Chem.)
    11/88 MN University of South Carolina, Columbia (Biochem)
    11/88 MN University of Georgia, Athens (Inorg. Chem.)
    11/88 MN North Carolina State University, Raleigh (Biochem)
    11/88 MN University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Inorg. Chem.)
    11/88 MN University of Wisconsin, Madison (Abbott Lecturer)
    12/88 MN University of Michigan, Dearborn (Dept Colloquium)
    1/89 MN University of California, San Diego (Inorg. Chem.) 20
    2/89 MN University of California, Santa Barbara (Inorg. Chem.)
    2/89 MN University of California, Davis (Inorg. Chem.)
    2/89 MN University of California, Berkeley (Inorg. Chem.)
    2/89 MN Iowa State University (Inorg. Chem.)
    2/89 MN University of Iowa (Inorg. Chem.)
    2/89 MN University of Kentucky, Lexington (Colloquium)
    2/89 MN Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Inorg. Chem.)
    3/89 MN University of Notre Dame (Inorg. Chem.)
    4/89 MN Kent State University (Inorg. Chem.)
    11/89 O University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (MCCTA Meeting) 30
    1/90 MN University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Chem. Eng.)
    2/90 MN Arizona State University, Tempe (Center for the Study of Early Reactions in Photosynthesis)
    3/90 MN University of Windsor (Colloquium)
    4/90 MN Northwestern University (Colloquium)
    5/90 MN Carnegie-Mellon University (Inorganic)
    5/90 MC Monsanto Corporation (Catalysis Division)
    5/90 MC University of Missouri, St. Louis (Colloquium)
    10/90 MN Kalamazoo College (Colloquium)
    1/91 MC University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Colloquium)
    2/91 MC Duke University (Colloquium) 40
    10/91 MN University of Utah (Colloquium)
    10/91 MN Colorado State University (Inorganic)
    10/91 MN University of Wyoming (Colloquium)
    11/91 MN Princeton University (Colloquium)
    11/91 MC University of California, Santa Barbara (Colloquium)
    11/91 MN University of California, Riverside (Colloquium)
    11/91 MC Salutar Inc. (A division of NYCOMED medical imaging)
    11/91 MN Stanford University (Inorganic)
    11/92 MN Ohio State University (Inorganic)
    12/92 MN University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Pharmacy) 50
    2/93 MN University of Rochester (Colloquium)
    3/93 MN Bucknell University (Dow Lecturer)
    3/93 MN Penn State University (Inorganic)
    3/93 MN University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Inorganic)
    4/93 MC University of Minnesota (Inorganic)
    4/93 MN North Dakota State University (Colloquium)
    9/93 MC Michigan State University (Colloquium)
    9/93 MN Purdue University (Colloquium)
    10/93 MN North Carolina State University (Colloquium)
    11/93 MC University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Inorganic) 60
    12/93 D Univ. Michigan, Ann Arbor (Protein Structure & Design)
    2/94 MC Case Western Reserve University (Colloquium)
    3/94 MC Bowling Green State University (Colloquium)
    4/94 MC University of New Mexico, Albuquerque (Inorganic)
    4/94 MN Arizona State University (Photosynthesis Center)
    9/94 MC Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Inorganic)
    9/94 D Boston College (Colloquium)
    11/94 MC Oakland University (Colloquium)
    11/94 MN University of Paris-South, Orsay (Materials Research)
    1/95 MC Columbia University (Colloquium) 70
    5/95 MN University of Pennsylvania (Inorganic)
    5/95 MC DuPont Central Research (Catalysis Group)
    7/95 MC DuPont/Merck (Radioimaging Group)
    10/95 MN Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Colloquium)
    10/95 MN Demokritos Institute (Materials/Chemistry)
    10/95 MN University of Crete (Colloquium)
    10/95 MC George Washington University (Colloquium)
    11/95 MC Akron University (Akron Section Award Address)
    2/96 MN Yale University
    2/96 MC SUNY, Stony Brook 80
    4/96 MN University of Nebraska (Yearly Bioinorganic Retreat)
    4/96 MC Texas A&M University (Frontiers Lecturer)
    9/96 MC Wayne State University (Inorganic Chemistry)
    9/96 MC Eastern Michigan University (Colloquium)
    10/96 MN Université de Paris-Sud, Orsay (Inorganic)
    11/96 D New College of South Florida (Colloquium)
    12/96 MN University of Münster (Westfalisch Research Program)
    4/97 MC EPIX Medical
    4/97 MC Virginia Commonwealth University (Kapp Lecturer)
    4/97 V Merck Pharmaceuticals
    9/97 MN University of California, Davis 90
    9/97 MC University of California, Berkeley
    9/97 D Stanford University
    10/97 MC University of Illinois, Champagne-Urbana
    10/97 MC University of Chicago (Colloquium)
    10/97 MC University of Pennsylvania
    10/97 D Lucent Technologies
    10/97 MC Princeton University
    11/97 MC New College of South Florida (Colloquium)
    12/97 V Columbia University (Inorganic Group)
    1/98 MC/D Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster (2 seminars) 100-1
    2/98 MN University of Washington, Seattle
    2/98 MC Frie University of Berlin, Germany
    3/98 D Slater Institute, Amsterdam
    3/98 MC Gorsaleus University, Leiden
    4/98 MC/MN/D Université de Paris-Sud, Orsay (3 seminars)
    5/98 MN University of Mainz, Mainz
    5/98 MC Max-Planck Institute, Mülheim 110
    5/98 MC University of Marburg
    5/98 MC University of Bielefeld
    6/98 MN University of Basel
    6/98 MN University of Berne
    6/98 MC University of Freibourg
    6/98 MC University of Neuchâtel
    6/98 MC University of Lausanne
    6/98 MC University of Geneve
    6/98 MN Atomic Energy Institute, Grenoble
    6/98 MC University of Grenoble 120
    7/98 MN University of Toulouse
    7/98 MC University of Bordeaux
    10/98 MC University of British Columbia
    10/98 MC Simon Frasier University, Vancouver
    11/98 MC University of Victoria
    11/98 V New College of the University of South Florida
    11/98 MC University of South Florida
    2/99 D Wayne State University (Biochemistry)
    4/99 MC University of Oklahoma (Karcher Lecture Series)
    5/99 V Universite de Paris, Sud 130
    5/99 MN CNRS, Saclay
    6/99 MC Erlangen University
    6/99 MC University of Darmstadt
    6/99 MC University of Dortmund
    6/99 D University of Basel
    8/99 V Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster
    10/99 MN New College of the University of South Florida
    10/99 D University of South Florida
    10/99 MC University of Florida, Gainesville
    2/00 MP Haverford College 140
    2/00 MN Johnson Institute, University of Pennsylvania
    4/00 MC Southwest Texas State University
    4/00 MC University of Texas, Austin
    4/00 MC University of Texas, Dallas
    4/00 MC Texas Tech University
    5/00 MN Universite de Paris, Sud
    5/00 MP Universite de Strasbourg
    5/00 MC Universite de Strasbourg
    10/00 MC Pennsylvania State University
    2/01 MP University of Michigan, Biophysics 150
    4/01 MN Texas A & M University
    11/01 MC Indiana University
    4/02 MP Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    5/02 MP Universite de Paris-Sud, Orsay
    7/02 MN University of Sao Paolo, Brazil
    7/02 MN University of Florianopolis, Brazil
    10/02 MP University of Cincinnati
    11/02 MP University of Michigan-Dearborn
    12/02 MC Bowling Green State University
    1/03 MN University of Puerto Rico
    1/03 MC Michigan State University 160
    3/03 MP Arizona State University
    3/03 MC University of New Mexico
    3/03 MP University of California, Irvine
    4/03 MP Carnegie Mellon University
    4/03 MC University of Pittsburgh
    4/03 MN University of Wisconsin-Madison
    1/04 MN Université de Geneve
    1/04 MP EPF-Lausanne (Colloquium)
    2/04 MP Columbia University (Colloquium)
    3/04 MN UC San Diego 170
    4/04 MN Leiden University
    5/04 MC Université de Paris-Sud
    9/04 MN Duquesne University (PittCon Lecture)
    9/04 V Duquesne University
    2/05 MP University of Szeged
    2/05 MP University of Debrecen
    2/05 MN University of Veszprem
    2/05 MN University of Budapest
    4/05 MN New College of South Florida
    4/05 MC University of South Florida, Tampa 180
    4/05 MN University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Sokol Award Lecture)
    9/05 V Unilever Corporation, Port Sunlight, England
    10/05 MP University of Utah
    10/05 MC Wayne State University
    1/06 MP Charles University, Prague
    1/06 MP University of Brno
    2/06 MC Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble
    3/06 MP University of Vienna
    4/06 MP University of Goetingen
    4/06 MC University of Dortmund 190
    5/06 MP University of Zurich
    5/06 MC University of Erlangen
    5/06 MN University of Jena
    5/06 MC University of Dresden
    5/06 V University of Paris, XI
    1/07 MP University of Oregon
    3/07 MP Concordia University (Merck-Frost Lecturer)
    3/07 MP Wayne State University
    1/08 MP Ohio State University
    3/08 MP SUNY Buffalo 200
    3/08 MP University of Rochester
    4/09 MP Juniata College (Distinguished Visiting Scientist Series, 3 lectures)
    5/09 MP University of Milan
    5/09 MC University of Parma
    5/09 MC University of Ferrara
    1/10 MP UCSD
    2/10 MP Arizona State University
    10/10 MC Ulsan National Institute of Technology (UNIST), South Korea
    11/10 MP Taiwan National University
    12/10 MP California Institute of Technology
    4/11 MP Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona
    5/11 MP Universite de Paris V (Rene Descartes)
    5/11 MP Universite de Paris XI (Orsay)
    6/11 MP University of Parma
    6/11 MP University of Pavua
    6/11 MP University of Milan
    6/11 MP Universite de Marseille
    10/11 MP Universie de Paris VII
    12/11 MC Universite de Toulouse
    12/11 MP Universite de Toulouse
    4/12 MP University of Calgary
    5/12 MP Ecole Normal Superiore (Paris)
    6/12 MC Universite d'Orleans
    6/12 MP CEA-Grenoble
    10/12 MC UC Davis
    11/12 MP College de France
    11/12 MP Ecole Normal Superiore (Paris)
    4/13 MC Johns Hopkins
    4/13 MP University of Maryland (Pharmacy)
    3/14 MP Bryn Mawr College
    3/14 MC Wayne State University
    4/14 MP Brown University
    10/14 MP Wayne State University
    12/14 MP Rice University
    1/15 MP Duke University (Chemistry)
    1/15 MC NCSU (Chemistry)
    4/15 MnV ExxonMobil/BASF summit on antioxidants
    10/15 MP Florida International University
    10/15 MP University of Miami
    2/16 MP Luigi Sacconi Memorial Lecture 2015/2016, University of Florence
    2/16 MP University of Siena, Siena, Italy
    5/16 MP Max Planck Institute, Tuebingen, Germany