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Current Members

Metallopeptide Project

Dr. Leela Ruckthong | Post-Doc | E-mail
Undergraduate Institution: Kasetart University (Bangkok, Thailand)
Graduate Institution:: University of Michigan
Research Interests: Alternative amino acids

Dr. Karl Koebke| Post-Doc | E-mail
Graduate Institution: University of Wisconson, Milwaukee
Research Interests: Use of alternative amino acids for new and interesting coiled coil constructs and the development of a "grand" version of the α3DIV system.

Dr. Tyler Pinter | Post-Doc | E-mail
Graduate Institution: University of Western Ontario, Canada
Research Interests: Design of α3DIV derivitatives. Heavy metal binding. New enzymatic function in recombinant three-stranded coiled coils.

Cathy Mocny | PhD Candidate| E-mail
Undergraduate Institution: Kalamazoo College
Research Interests: I am interested in the interface of inorganic chemistry and biology and the roles inorganic elements play in biology. Currently I am working on synthesizing a heteromeric three stranded coiled-coil using both bio-organic and bio-inorganic approaches in attempt to construct an asymmetrical metal-binding site.

Audrey Tolbert | Graduate Student | E-mail
Undergraduate Institution: Bucknell University
Research Interests: Three stranded coiled-coil hetertrimers

Adrian Landreth | Graduate Rotator| E-mail
Undergraduate Institution: University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Research Interests: Three stranded coiled-coil cystal structures

Metallacrown Project

Dr. Tu Nguyen | Post-Doc | E-mail
Undergraduate Institution: University of Natural Sciences in Ho Chi Minh City
Graduate Insitution: University of Florida
Research Interests: Magnetic and luminescent materials.

Jake Lutter | PhD Candidate| E-mail
Undergraduate Institution: Shippensburg University
Research Interests: I am interested in inorganic synthetic chemistry, specifically in metallacrown compounds and their properties.  My research investigates the magnetic behavior (single molecule magnets) and luminescent capabilities of certain metallacrown compounds.


Former Members

Metallopeptide Project (degree received), current position:

  • Dr. Alison Tebo (Ph.D.), postdoc, E.N.S. Paris, France
  • Dr. Jefferson Plegaria (Ph.D.), postdoc, Michigan State University
  • Dr. Fangting Yu (Ph.D.), postdoc, M.I. T.
  • Dr. Virginia Cangelosi (Ph.D.), lecturer, Michigan State University.
  • Dr. Melissa Zastrow (Ph.D.), postdoc, M.I.T.
  • Dr. Saumen Chakraborty (Ph.D.), postdoc, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.
  • Dr. Kosh Neupane (postdoc), postdoc, Tufts University.
  • Dr. Kimber Clark-Baldwin (postdoc), Research Scientist, Univ. Cincinnati Medical School.
  • Dr. Carol M. Gorst (postdoc), Application Scientist at MSI.
  • Dr. Gregg Dieckmann (Ph.D.), Associate Professor, University of Texas at Dallas.
  • Joel Galang (MS).
  • Susan L. Heilman (MS).
  • Jan Kosinski (MS).
  • Dr. Ryan Fields (BS), M.D.
  • Kirk Jobe (BS Honors), M.D.
  • Kristen Balchus (research rotation).
  • Nzinga Harris (REU).
  • Zikiya Norton (research rotation), Graduate Student, University of Michigan.
  • Melissa Hindenlang (research rotation), Graduate Student, University of Michigan.
  • Soumya Mitra (research rotation), Gradute Student Ohio State University.
  • Dr. Brian Farrer (Postdoc), Senior Research Chemist, Merck.
  • Dr. Wojciech Lesniak (Postdoc) Research Associate, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Department of Radiation Medicine.
  • Dr. Manolis Matzapetakis (Graduate Student), Post Doc, Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute.
  • Dr. Kyung Hoon Lee (Postdoc), Assistant Professor, University of South Alabama.
  • Dr. Chris Cabello (Graduate Student), University of Arizona, College of Pharmacy Medicinal Chemistry Program.
  • Dr. Debdip Ghosh (Graduate Student), Post Doc, National Institues of Health (NIH / NIDDK).
  • Dr. Debbie Touw (Graduate Student), Post Doc, Program in Molecular Medicine, University of Massachussetts Medical School.
  • Dr. Marek Luczkowski (Postdoc), Faculty of Chemistry, University of Wroclaw, Poland .
  • Dr. Olga Iranzo (Postdoc), Research Scientist, Bioinorganic Chemistry and Peptide design Division, Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica e Biologica Av. da Republica Estacao Agronomica Nacional (EAN).
  • Dr. Anna Peacock (Postdoc), Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Birmingham,UK.

Vanadium Project (degree received), current position:

Manganese Project (degree received), current position:

Metallacrown Project (degree received), current position:

  • Dr. Chun Chow (Ph.D.), postdoc, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA.
  • Dr. Joseph Jankolovits (Ph. D.), postdoc, University of California, Berkeley.
  • Dr. Thaddeus Boron (Ph. D.), Assistant Professor, Slippery Rock University, PA.
  • Joseph Grant (BS) University of Michigan, (Graduate Student) University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Dr. Curtis M. Zaleski (Ph. D.), Associate Professor, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, PA.

Gentamicin Project (degree received), current position:

Metallopeptide Precursor Projects (degree received), current position:

  • Dr. Linda M. Briggs (Ph.D.): Cloning and Regulation of Synechocystis PCC 6803 Plastocyanin, Research Scientist, Ford Motor Company.
  • Dr. David J. Detlefsen (Ph.D.): Protein-Protein and Protein-Metal Interactions, Senior Research Scientist, Novatia.
  • Mary Taylor (B.S.), M.D.

Research Collaborators