Detroit Midfield Terminal Project

Controls in the Midfield Terminal VRML Model


click on Next Viewpoint (browser control panel) to move through a list of predefined viewpoints; list contains binocular views from towers

Tower Position

there are two towers in the model; drag tower to a new position from any external view of the tower

Tower Height

drag symbol of selected tower (on the left) to increase/decrease tower height; similarly, change hotel height

toggle all controls off/on
drag slider to change length of main concourse
toggle between two different hotel footprints
toggle between two different designs of main concourse (at south end)
increase/decrease tower or hotel height by one foot or one meter
change type of aircraft on taxiways; circle through a list of different types
toggle all aircraft on gates off/on; by turning aircraft off, model performance can be improved
toggle tinted glass in tower on/off
toggle units between feet and meter
toggle centerlines on roads and taxiways off/on

Last Update: December 20, 2002, kpb
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