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The Great Wall of China

Links to other Web sites about the Great Wall

    Links with Images and Text:

  1. The Great Wall, A Virtual Tour
    by Xindeco BIC, a Chinese Information Technology company, with map, images, and short descriptions

  2. The Great Wall
    by Metrotel Multi-Media Ltd

  3. The Great Wall
    from the Multicultural Home Page, Purdue University

  4. Discovering the Great Wall and Ming Tombs
    by Marilyn Shea, University of Maine at Farmington

  5. The Great Wall
    by the 'China Guide', with video (avi, >5MB) on the Shanhai Pass in the Great Wall

  6. The Great Wall of China
    from Stephen Cooper's Website

  7. The Great Wall
    from 'Window of China' by Patrick Chiu-Pui Mak

  8. All About the Great Wall of China
    a short description by Enchanted Learning Software

    Links with Images Only:

  9. The Great Wall of China
    links to several pictures from the Internet School Library Media Center

  10. The Great Wall of China
    by Carl Mydans, LIFE Time Inc.

  11. The Great Wall of China
    from Al Woolf's Home Page

  12. The Great Wall at night
    by China News Digest International, Inc. (CND)

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