The Women of Color Task Force is an organization at the University of Michigan devoted to women of color staff. We were started in in 1979 as the Minority Women's Career Workshops for University of Michigan staff by Jennie Partee of the Affirmative Office and Beulah Sanders of the School of Education. This was done with additional support from the University of Michigan Office of Organizational Effectiveness (Medical Campus), Human Resource Development Office and the Affirmative Action Office. These two pacesetters developed the model and formulated the Minority Women's Task Force. The workshops culminated in a one-day conference on February 25, 1983.

Objectives of the conference were:

In 1984, Jennie Partee and Beulah Sanders were honored as the founders of the Task Force with the establishment of a scholarship in their names. In 1985, the Minority Women's Task Force became the Women of Color Task Force.

COLORS: Purple and Cream

The work of this organization is supported by the following offices at the University:

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