The WCTF consists of two main bodies: the General Membership body and the Executive Team. The Executive Team serves as the chief executive officer of the organization and has all the general powers and duties which are usually vested in the office of the President.

The current Executive Team is Cathy Conway-Perrin, Stephanie Estes- James, Joyce French and Wendy Woods.

The WCTF has established Standing Teams to carry out the work of the organization. These teams are:


This team implements the nomination, selection and recognition activities of the group. A key part of that process is the planning of the women of color awards. This team also develops, advertises and distributes materials (i.e. newsletter, promotional notices) regarding TF activities, programs and services. This team is also responsible for documenting the many ways in which the WCTF serves the University community. It acquires and maintains materials that are then archived at the University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library.


This team plans and implements the Annual Career Conference. It consists of the following sub-teams: Conference Program, Facilities, Registration, and Vendors.

The Conference Program Sub-Team is responsible for making arrangements associated with the conference such as workshops, workshop presenters, workshop facilitators and evaluations for workshops.

The Facilities Sub-Team is responsible for arrangements involving room reservations and assignments, equipment rental and distribution, audio-visual services, parking services, building services, and security.

The Registration Sub-Team is responsible for managing both Pre-Registration and On-Site Registration for the Conference.

The Vendors Sub-Team is responsible for managing all communications and arrangements involving On-Site vendors.


This team develops and carries out membership recruitment and reclaiming programs; conducts orientation sessions; assumes responsibility for processing and inducting new members; and coordinates the candidacy process for honorary members. This team acknowledges and celebrates significant events in the lives of Task Force members and their colleagues; and organizes events to facilitate networking opportunities.


This team develops and maintains partnerships with other University and community groups and organizations. This team is responsible for planning and organizing activities that focus on facilitating professional and personal growth for staff at the University of Michigan. This team is also responsible for maintaining the Mentoring Program.

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