Our coach is EMW Beste, a member of the U-M Boxong Club back in 1971-73.
That club, incidentally, featured evenual Golden Glove champs Roosevelt "Stacey" Williams and  Bob  Gwyz.
Stacey is currently one of Mike Tyson's trainers.  The team was coached by the late Let Philbin,
a 1920's world lightweigth champion.

Beste is from the school of boxers who emphasize endurance training.  His goal is to teach us to be prepared to control our bodies regardless of ou relative state of exhaustion.  The core of his program, "The Routine,"
 is a set of punches and excercises designed to prepare us for the ideal state.

EMW was raised among the large, organized gangs that existed in Philadelphia, PA until the late 1960's.  In the fourth grade, he was forced into fighting for the street bettors.  His first formal training began at the Police Athletic League in Philly.   He later trained under James Brown at Kronk Recreational Center in Detroit (before Emanuel Steward arrived).  Since leaving the U-M, he has trained a few dozen individuals, and is considering preparing a former kickboxing champion for professional trainers in the boxing world.

In the meantime, Beste and his partner, Amer Bathish, are concertrating on opening more restaurants, including The Screaming Dog and additional Amer's.