Ani Shekerjian is in her last season and year at Michigan and was elected one of the co-captains for this year's team. She will graduate with a sport management degree from the School of Kinesiology and she hopes to go into marketing. After 11 years of lacrosse, Shekerjian wants to go out with a bang and win a national championship. One of her favorite moments was beating Lindenwood at Nationals last season, avenging the overtime loss earlier in the season that came to the Wolverines at the Lindenwood Invitational. She is an active member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and has checked bungee jumping in Australia off her bucket list.

John (18 years old), a freshman at Michigan
Favorite class:
Favorite food:
Moosetracks ice cream or pizza
Favorite food in Ann Arbor:
Anything from Grizzly Peak
Extra-curricular activities:
Lacrosse takes up pretty much all of my time
Current career goals:
To get a job at a marketing/advertising agency in Chicago
Song currently playing on your Ipod:
Just a Dream
Favorite part about the team:
When we get to travel for tournaments
Why U of M?
I wanted to go to a big school, it's close to home and I love Michigan football.
Favorite part of Michigan now that you are here?
Football Saturdays
Sports idol growing up:
Steve Yzerman or anyone on the Detroit Red Wings
Current sports idol:
Not sure if I have one
What did you want to be growing up:
A marine biologist
What are your hobbies or interests outside of lacrosse:
Being with friends/family, watching the TV show Friends, running and traveling