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Sarah is a sophomore enrolled in the School of Kinesiology studying Movement Science. Before coming to the University from Birmingham, Michigan she enjoyed an incredible athletic experience at Seaholm High School. Norris began playing lacrosse her sophomore year of high school under current U of M coaches Ginny and Kasey Hughes, as well as coach Jen Dunbar. Norris also established herself as a formidable competitor in basketball and golf and left high school with two State Championships in lacrosse as well as one in golf. Sarah plays Defense for the Wolverines and hopes to contribute to their National Playoff aspirations. Focused on improving her communication and playing aggressively, Norris has remained a strong competitor.


Siblings: Annie Norris, senior enrolled at Michigan State University
Favorite class: Scientific writing 219
Favorite food: Pasta
Favorite food in Ann Arbor: Pancheros
Extra-curricular activities: Evans Scholar, Gamma Chapter
Current career goals: Working in the medical field
Favorite movie: Dark Knight and Love Actually
Song currently playing on your Ipod: "Moving like Berney"
Favorite part about the team: My teammates, the tournaments, and Ginny's and Kasey's baby Haley
Why U of M? Michigan has excellent programs supporting my interests, provided opportunities for scholarships, and since a good portion of my family went here I was raised a wolverine.
Favorite part of Michigan now that you are here?

I love football season, lacrosse season, meeting lots of new people, interacting with my professors, and Ann Arbor's high-energy, fun atmosphere

Sports idol growing up: Magic Johnson
Current sports idol: Pavel Datsyuk
What did you want to be growing up: An astronaut
What are your hobbies or interests outside of lacrosse: When I'm not playing lacrosse I like to learn songs on the ukulele, read fiction, and listen to most all types of music