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Melissa is in her last year at Michigan and last season for the team. She will graduate with a Bachelor of the Sciences degree in Brain Behavior and Cognitive Science. This is her third year as a starting defender who has shown an impressive defensive skill set. She is a major asset in the back and her quick reactions to opposing attackers is key to the team's success. Oddo is athletic and her parents have proudly watched her over the years. But more than her abilities on the field, she is a great teammate and enjoys an eclectic variety of things.

Alex Oddo (23 years old, living in Grand Rapids)
Favorite class:
Drugs of Abuse
Favorite food:
Mac n cheese
Favorite food in Ann Arbor:
Sweet potato fries from Savas
Extra-curricular activities:
Lax is life
Current career goals:
Get into med school
Song currently playing on your Ipod:
Crave You by Flight Facilities
Favorite part about the team:
Defense likes to party
Why U of M?
The Michigan Difference. This is a great school with lots of research opportunities and Ann Arbor is an awesome town.
Favorite part of Michigan now that you are here?

I love football season, lacrosse season, meeting lots of new people, interacting with my professors, and Ann Arbor's high-energy, fun atmosphere

Sports idol growing up:
Micheal Jordan
Current sports idol:
Nick Lindstrom
What did you want to be growing up:
A librarian
What are your hobbies or interests outside of lacrosse:
I love going to concerts, enjoying nature, finding new music, going for bike rides, and doing yoga