In addition to the National Endowment for the Arts, the School of Art and Design, and the Women's Studies Program, the Series has also received generous support from the Institute for Research on Women and Gender, the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching, the Center for the Education of Women, Rackham Graduate School, the Institute for the Humanities, the Arts of Citizenship Program, the Department of Art History, the School of Public Health, the Department of Psychology, the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center, the International Center and the Program in Feminist Practice. Special thanks to Provost Nancy Cantor, Dr. Julie Ellison, Dr. Sidonie Smith, Dr. Abby Stewart, Dr. Diane Kirkpatrick,Professor Jane Hassinger, Virginia Chitanda, JD, Professor Loretta Staples, Professor Vicci Veenstra, Professor Ann Blackwell, Professor Don Brown, Professor Kathy Luchs, Professor Beth Hay, Joanne Nesbit, Joe St George. We also owe a debt to friends and colleagues and students and supporters off campus including Wayne State University, the Detroit Art Institute, Focus Hope, Common Language Bookstore, Amnesty International, the Heidelberg Project, Adrian College, Siena Heights College, and University of Toledo. Photography students who worked on all aspects of the Series include Shaun Bangert, Rebecca Jeskey, Heidi Gjengdahl, Nekisha Durrett, Jessica Bauer-Greene, Patricia Duque, Kelly McKinnell, Leah Tury, Amy Block, Mary Cates, Vanina Carter, Amanda Edmonds, Gisela Fosado, Meredith Franco, Meredith Giltner, Matt Madill, Andrea Maio, Addie Smith, Umi Vaughan, Kathy Vukovich, Adriana Yugovich, Emily Marker, Caroline Parks, Jill Brady, Alli Tombros, Rebecca Parris, Ginger, Susan Thompson, Brook Brown.


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