eRAM EHS Medical Surveillance Form Summary Release Notes

The EHS Medical Surveillance Form will now be done directly in eRAM.

Starting March 27, 2017 eRAM will now house the EHS Medical Surveillance Form. This applies to Protocol Personnel and non-Protocol relevant Persons.

The goal of the module is to:

  • Eliminate paper forms (or the EHS online PDF form that are faxed or emailed to the EHS Office.

  • Automate the recording of the EHS Form receipt information in eRAM.

  • Have eRAM automatically email the completed forms to the OHS Clinic. Thus, giving them the ability to start the review quicker.

  • Leverage all the current emails that support the EHS Med. Surv. form process.

  • Provide downstream EHS and OHS functionality.

  • Provide the ACU Office more visibility to who has completed the form and when.

    Key Points of Interest:

  • eRAM EHS emails will now contain a link that once clicked will directly open a blank form that can quickly be completed (you may also see a login screen).

  • Note: eRAM will not be saving any of the data directly in eRAM. eRAM will package the entered data into an email that is sent directly to the clinic.  Therefore once a form is started, it needs to be fully completed, you will not be able to save it and go back to it later. Nor will you (or anyone) be able to see it again in eRAM. So if you want a copy you will need to do a print screen.

  • New versions of the form can be filled out at anytime, access them via the EHS Medical Surveillance role in eRAM.

eRAM emails will contain updated instruction, but additionally you can reference this step-by-step procedure.