Award Management implementation changes to PANs/PACs - since 8/20/18

  • With the implementation of Award Management on August 20, 2018, PANs and PACs are no longer sent. Instead, an email notification is sent when an Award or an Award Modification is activated. This email notification contains similar information to the information contained in the historical Project Award Notices (PANs) and Project Award Changes (PACs).
  • Email notifications are sent to all parties (UM Investigators, Administrative Personnel, Department Contacts) to inform them that the Award is Active.
  • PANs/ PACs for PAFs created prior to Award Management can be viewed under Manage Data > View All Award Notices on the PAF workspace.

Award Notifications Sent from eRPM - Since 1/5/09

  • PAN & PAC award notifications are generated from the eRPM system & sent via email to investigators and campus administrators, specifically:
    • UM Principal Investigator
    • Sponsor Principal Investigator
    • Participating Investigators with Specified Effort
    • Administrative Contacts (all administrators listed on proposal or project)
    • Any person (or group e-mail address) listed as the PAN/PAC Notifiers for a unit (department) that was required to review the PAF.
  • Award Notices (PAN/PAC) Notice ID
    • Notice ID format:
      • PGN-# (Project Grant Number dash number) e.g., F123456-2
  • All PANs/PACs listed on Project WorkspaceProject Workspace
    • PI & Project Team - Can also view awarded projects on the "Active" tab. [View Sample]
    • Reviewer - Can also view awarded projects on the "Active/Closed/Turned Down/Withdrawn" tab. [View Sample]

Need more information?

View samples that have detailed descriptions
-- Sample PAN
-- Sample PAC

Improvements Made - In Feb & Mar 09

  • E-mail Subject line includes: Notice ID (PGN-#), DRDA number, UM Principal Investigator last name
  • PAN text moved to improve printability
  • PAN/PAC numbering changes
    • Note: Any PAN sent between 1/5 – 2/24/09
      • PAN numbered with a suffix of “1” (e.g., F123456-1)
      • Caused first PAC to be numbered “2” (e.g., F123456-2)
    • Effective 2/25/09
      • PAN numbering begins with to PGN-0
        • E.g., F123456-0
      • PACs will increment the Notice ID by 1
        • First PAC is: PGN-1 (e.g, F123456-1), second PAC is: PGN-2 (e.g., F123456-2), etc.
  • PAN/PAC e-mail recipients listed at bottom of PAN/PAC e-mail

eRPM address changed - As of 3/26/2009

If you have PAN/PAC message sent prior to 3/26/09, when you click on the link to eRPM you will receive a security certificate error. If you accept the error, you will be able to proceed and view the award document.