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Please feel free to contact other members of the club for additional practice sessions, below are listed each member's uniquename or their full email if not in the umich.edu email system:

Alex Kostrzewa - alexkost

Brendon Anes - banes

Noam Gruber - gruber

Under Construction

There have been many members who have trained with us. Listed below are their whereabouts (as of 2008):

* Jon Arndt - out of commission since dislocating his shoulder for a sixth time.

* Jami Bailey - currently braving sandstorms in Egypt.

* Gabe Bunda - back in New York City getting ready for medical school.

* Brad Cassin - studying hospital administration at Columbia University.

* Alex Cotton - on the east coast working at a political internship.

* Bob Fraumann - 2001 Michigan Classic tournament winner is currently playing professional rugby in San Diego.

* Francis Garcia (Jaspion) - former president, club co-founder, and a Marcio Corleta blue belt , is now sending problems and carving perfect lines.

* Sienna Garcia - graduated and is now doing graduate work in New Mexico.

* Josh Greenbaum (Meat Truck) - former club president, in Atlanta, living the married life.

* Courtney Harkness (Tetao) - former club social chair, transferred to Michigan Tech.

* Glenn Hauk (the Rat) - former competition team captain and a Marcio Corleta blue belt, graduated and is now working in Boston, Massachussetts.

* Cooper Holoweski (Serpico)- traveling the world trying to graduate from college.

* Laurent Jastrow - studying business at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.

* Matt Jubera (Sensei) - former club president and a Saulo Ribiero purple belt , graduated and currently working for Essen Instruments in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

* Edward Kim (Ultra-7) - graduated from the University of Michigan.

* Eiji Kubo (Samurai) - a Rickson Gracie blue belt graduated and is now back working in Yokohama, Japan.

* Rob Linn (Toilette) - sitting beachfront back home in Holland, Michigan.

* Evan Locey (the Fuzzy Bunny) - former competition team captain and a Sylvio Behring blue belt, graduated and now is part of the workforce in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

* Jason May (Fistcap) - former president, and a Marcio Corleta blue belt , is graduated and now part of the workforce in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

* Jessica Nelson (Sapatao) - currently in Brazil surfing the days away.

* Pablo Nunes (Pablito) - Marcio Corleta blue belt is back in Porto Alegre, Brazil training at the Winner Academy.

* David O'Hara (the Punk) - law school at Wayne State University.

* Matt Pezda - at Wayne State Medical School.

* Nick Pezda - former club President, at Wayne State Law School.

* Nate Pezda - just graduated from the University of Michigan.

* Cyrus Piraka - is operating on patients in Denver, Colorado.

* Matt Rando-Chanon (Tomato Can)- Renzo Gracie blue belt , working in New York City.

* Paul Rilstone - professor of Economics at York Univerisy in Toronto, Canada.

* Thom Schmelter - currently climbing in Joshua Tree.

* Girish Sethuraman - finishing medical school at Wayne State University

* Celeste Son Servacio - a blue belt , working for Motorola in Chicago.

* Seth Smith - a Saulo Ribiero blue belt , still studying but has moved on to the Saulo Academy in Toledo, Ohio.

* Oliver Stauffer - former club social chair, is back in New York living the snowboarding high life.

* Tom Sy - former president and club co-founder, a Machado blue belt, working in consulting splitting his time between Michigan and Texas.

* Issac Valle-Flagg - Draculino blue belt, living and training in Colorado.

* Nathan White - a Caique blue belt, finishing up medical school at Wayne State University.

* Marcin Wierzbicki - graduated with an MBA and is currently back in Poland working.

* RJ Williams (Boquete) - a Marcio Corleta blue belt recently graduated from law school.

* Matt Zimmer - graduated and is currently traveling the world.

The Presidents:

* 1998-1999: Tom Sy Co-founder and first president of the club, Tom graduated from the university with a PhD in organizational psychology and currently works for a consulting firm splitting his time between Texas and Michigan.

* 1999-2000: Josh Greenbaum Originally the club's treasurer, Josh assumed the role of president when the position was vacated by Tom Sy. Josh established the initial funding for the club with RecSports and also the MSA. During his tenure the first true instructor (Rodrigo Nunes) was brought in to lead sessions. The soon-to-be-married Josh has a masters degree from the university and currently works as a consultant with Creative Solutions, an accounting software company.

* 2000-2001: Francis Garcia Co-founder and first vice-president of the club, Francis created the competition team, organized the first annual in-house tournament, hosted the first annual club party, created the end-of-year awards, conceptualized club clothing, added Jason Clarke to diversify the jiu-jitsu class and sought out Quincy Rice to add submission wrestling instruction to the club's curriculum.

* 2001-2002: Nick Pezda Nick was a member of the original club as a freshman in 1998. In his senior year, Nick became the first undergraduate president of the club. His experience with club policy, long-standing membership, and excellent administrative skills made him a natural for the position. Nick is currently a student at Wayne State University's School of Law.

* 2002-2003: Matt Jubera Matt is the first undergraduate junior to hold the position of club president. His interest in the club, familiarity with club policy and administrative duties, as well as his grappling skill and reputation made him a capable president.

* 2003-2004: Jason May Jason had an excellent background in grappling as well as other forms of martial arts. His organizational skills, decisiveness and innovations in administrative duties made him an excellent figurehead that lead the club for a year and a half. His tenure saw the first Wolverine Classic open tournament. Jason also brought in Sean Bansfield, a Saulo Ribiero brown belt, to come and instruct for the club.

The Competiton Team Captains:

* 1999-2001: Evan Locey By virtue of his outstanding grappling skill and eagerness to enter competitions, Evan was appointed the first competiton team captain. The competition team flourished during his tenure, with several members medaling in several events.

* 2001-2004: Glenn Hauk Following in the tradition of the team captain also being an accomplished grappler, Glenn brought years of wrestling experience, success in submission wrestling matches as well as tournament wins in sport jiu-jitsu to the post as competition team captain.

* 2004-2005: Tirmizi Mandeng Yew Mandeng followed his predecessors as team captain by showing a ferocity in competition that was evident to all racking up medals in all tournaments entered. Following in the early team member traditino of fighting up in weight class, Mandeng often won in higher weight divisions and also absolute divisions.

The Social Chairs:

* 2002: Courtney Harkness Because of her enthusiasm for the sport, and the club, and her ability to have members gravitate towards her, Courtney was made the club's first Social Chair and helped to organize the first ever End-of-Fall-Semester party.

* 2003-2004: Oliver Stauffer Also a member of the university of Michigan snowboarding team, Oliver knew how to throw a good party. Under him numerous club parties and event viewings were hosted. Oliver also created the first ever club ski/snowboard trip in northern Michigan.