Library Resources
>> UM Library
Search through Mirlyn catalog, several databases, and e-journals online.
>> Humanities Text Initiative
An initiative joined with the Univeristy of Michigan's Digital Library Production Services providing online access to full text resources.
>> Patrologia Latina Database
This database contains 221 volumes and represents a complete electronic version of the first edition of Jacques-Paul Migne's Patrologia Latina (1844-1855 and 1862-1865).
>> Past Masters: Philosophy
This unique collection consists of over 100 political and philosophical texts ranging from the works of ancient Greece to the early twentieth century
Department Resources
>> Classical Studies Department
The Department of Classical Studies offers four programs within Classical Studies but also co-sponsors programs in Classical Art & Archaeology and Greek & Roman History.
>> Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
The Kelsey Museum houses a collection of nearly 100,000 ancient and medieval objects from the civilizations of the Mediterranean and the Near East.
>> C.P. Cavafy Professorship in Modern Greek
The Modern Greek Program offers courses, comprehensive study programs, special events as well as database collections.
>> History Department
With nearly 80 faculty, the History Department represents a broad range of specialties in both geographical and topical fields, and readily encourage students to make new connections among fields and subfields.
>> History of Art
The History of Art program's historical focus are the modern and contemporary, the medieval and early modern in both Asia and Europe, and the ancient world.
>> Philosophy Department
Not sure what to say in this field yet...
>> Romance Languages Department
Not sure what to say in this field yet...

Anthropology Department
Not sure what to say in this field yet...

>> Comparative Literature Department
Not sure what to say in this field yet...
>> English Language & Literature
The English Department at Michigan focus on literary theory, examining strategies of literary interpretation, evaluation, and appreciation and considering the ways in which literary texts relate to other forms of cultural representation.
>> Linguistics
Linguistics at Michigan has maintained an approach to the study of language.
>> Near Eastern Studies
Research topics of Near Eastern languages, literatures, civilizations, linguistics, history, Ancient studies, Biblical studies, Egyptology, Medieval Islamic history and Islamic studies.
>> Institute For the Humanities
The Institute for the Humanities is a center for innovative, collaborative study in the humanities and arts.
>> Political Science
The Political Science Department at the UofM offers the study of classic texts as well as the latest reseach findings on city government and urban development, parties and elections, the legislative and judicial systems, international organizations, conflict, war and other aspects of the political interactions.
>> Sweetland Writing Center
Get assistance in writing your dissertation or paper through the help of workshops, private tudoring or courses through the Sweetland Writing Center.
Course Resources
>> Student Academic Affairs
LSA Student Academic Affairs helps students in the following areas: academic advising, academic standards and opportunities, academic auditing, advising technology, central files, and the Office of Assistant Dean for Student Academic Affairs.
>> Wolverine Access
Search for student records, alumni information and other important student data.
>> LSA Course Guide
Search LSA courses by semester, subject or by instructor.
>> CFC Classes
Check out all classes taught through CFC.
Institutional History
General Classics Resources
>> Perseus Digital Library
Scan through hundreds of texts and collections as well as grant opportunities, etc.
>> Library of Congress: Classics Links
A large reading room that offers links to several classics resource websites.
>> Voice of Shuttle: Classics Links
Arranged by topic, search though these great recources and links.
>> Classics Gateway: Reading University
This website offers wonderful resources to classics conferences, texts, manuscripts, etc
Journals & Professional Organizations
>> Arion: Journal of Humanities and the Classics
Arion offers a unique fourm, several verses and essays to read from.
>> American Philological Association
Search through serveral resources, from newsletters to journals and other publications.
>> International Journal for the Classsics Tradition
The IJCT is a peer-reviewed publication. Each issue features several or all of the following sections: articles, research reports, short notes, review articles, book reviews, news of the field, and publications received.
>> The Friends of the Herculaneum Society
Search through archive materials relating to the World Heritage site at Herculaneum and the work of the Herculaneum Society.
Conference Resources
>> Antiquity Recovered (Symposium)
The Legacy pf Pompeii and Herculaneum held on October 4-5, 2002.
>> Antiquity Recovered (Pompeii and Herculaneum)
This symposium is focused on Pompeii and Herculaneum Philadelphia Collection, Sept 1 - Dec 1, 2002.
>> The National Committee for the History of Art
View preivous conferences as well as upcoming conferences and symposiums.
>> The Legacy of Antiquity: Perceptions of the Classics Throughout History
This conference aims to explore how antiquity was perceived from the Middle Ages through the contemporary period.
>> Ancient & Moderns: Stanford Humanities Center
A workshop presented by the Stanford Humanities Center held in May 2006.
>> Ruins and Reconstructions: Pompeii in the Popular Imagination
Sponsored by Bristol University, this conference explored the popular receptions and representations of Pompeii.
>> European and New World Forms
This conference explored the transformation of European intellectual and cultural traditions in Spanish America (in terms of language, ethnicity, political change), and to highlight various ways in which humanism enabled certain groups to lay claim to a specifically ‘American’ identity in different phases of the colonial era.
>> Derrida & the Classics: Reading University
Topics include, The Platonic Remainder: Khora and the Corpus Platonicum by Paul Allen Miller and Derrida’s Dying Oedipus by Rachel Bowlby. This event was held in May 2008.
>> The Getty
Learn about exhibitions, scholarly activities, and special research through the Getty Research Institute.
Greek & Roman Drama in Performance
>> The Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama: Oxford University
The Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama (APGRD), is an interdisciplinary research project on the international history of ancient drama in performance.
>> Didaskalia: Anicent Theatre Today
Didaskalia is an electronic journal and resource dedicated to the study of ancient Greek and Roman drama in performance.
Reception of the Classical Tradition
>> Classical Reception Studies Network
The aims of the Network include the promotion of rigorous debate about all aspects of classical reception studies and the development of seminars and workshops to encourage the exchange of expertise and growth of collaborative projects
>> University of Bristol: Classics
Classics at Bristol covers multiple specialisms in myth and religion; reception and the classical tradition; intellectual history, etc.
>> 20th Century Reception of Ancient Greek Texts and Images: Open University
This project has been established to document and analyse the theatrical and literary surge of interest in Greek texts and drama which is a phenomenon of the late twentieth century.
>> Center for Ancient Studies: New York University
This center promotes interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study of the past by promoting collaboration among those FAS departments and programs which focus, in whole or in part, on antiquity and its reception in the modern world.
>> Classical Traditions Initiative: Northwestern University
>> Institute for the Classical Tradition: Boston University
>> Program in Hellenic Studies: Princeton University
Search for information about the undergraduate and graduate academic programs, fellowship opportunities and announcements, and the Program's current events.
>> Center for the Reception of Greece and Rome
CRGR is an interdisciplinary research centre building bridges between modern society and ancient Greece and Rome.
>> Humanities and Arts Research Centre