LDAP, X.500, WHOIS and BCW 3.1

Joao Carlos Costa (jcagc@qual.inesc.pt)
Thu, 6 Oct 94 18:49:15 +0100


I'm new to LDAP and X.500, so some of my doubts may seem quite obvious to
someone more experienced.

I need to access a X.500 server from an Windows 3.1 application, so I
am planning to use LDAP.

- I have the LDAPDLL.ZIP file containing the files LIBLDAP.DLL, LTEST.EXE,
README.WSA and some other .DEF, .LIB and .H files.
When I run LTEST.EXE and select the Open LDAP menu option I
receive the following message
"ldap_open: error 10093
exit( 1 )"
What does it mean? How can I solve it? where can I find the source
for LTEST.EXE? How do I choose the X.500 server to use?
What is the most recent version of this DLL and where can i find it?

- I do also have the file LDAP-3.0.tgz. The problem is that i can't
compile it using BCW 3.1 (I know that the readme files only refer to
Visual C++ 1.0) because some include files and, consequently, some
functions can't be found (the syslog.h and the syslog function).

I also tried to compile the whois++ application (I had to change the
the name of the file in a UNIX system because MS-DOS does not allow
the '+' in filenames) and I had trouble in linking with the LIBLDAP.DLL

Any clues? Am I working with the wrong source code? Is there
a more appropriate version to Windows & WINSOCK.DLL?

- Where can I find information on X.500 (source and text)?

Thanks in advance