Re: LDAP, X.500, WHOIS and BCW 3.1

Mark Smith (
Fri, 07 Oct 1994 09:34:49 -0400

>From: (Joao Carlos Costa)
> To:
> I need to access a X.500 server from an Windows 3.1 application, so I
> am planning to use LDAP.
> - I have the LDAPDLL.ZIP file containing the files LIBLDAP.DLL, LTEST.EXE,
> README.WSA and some other .DEF, .LIB and .H files.
> When I run LTEST.EXE and select the Open LDAP menu option I
> receive the following message
> "ldap_open: error 10093
> exit( 1 )"
> What does it mean? How can I solve it? where can I find the source
> for LTEST.EXE? How do I choose the X.500 server to use?
> What is the most recent version of this DLL and where can i find it?

Did you obtain the LDAPDLL.ZIP file off of in
the /x500/ldap/beta directory? I noticed yesterday that file was very old
and removed it. You should probably start with the LDAP 3.1 beta source
code in:

It does not contain a binary DLL; we plan to release one with the real
LDAP 3.1 release within the next month or so. You can obtain a recent
binary version with the waX.500 application via:

Make sure you use the include files that are part of the LDAP 3.1 beta.
In fact, I am not 100% sure that will work -- you really should compile
the DLL yourself to be safe.

> - I do also have the file LDAP-3.0.tgz. The problem is that i can't
> compile it using BCW 3.1 (I know that the readme files only refer to
> Visual C++ 1.0) because some include files and, consequently, some
> functions can't be found (the syslog.h and the syslog function).

syslog should not be used in the LDAP libraries (libldap and liblber).
What file is using syslog?

> I also tried to compile the whois++ application (I had to change the
> the name of the file in a UNIX system because MS-DOS does not allow
> the '+' in filenames) and I had trouble in linking with the LIBLDAP.DLL
> library.

None of the client applications included with LDAP have been ported to
DOS or Windows, except perhaps ud. Most of them are probably very
dependent on Unix and will be hard to port.