LDAP on DSA instead of separate process.

Luis P. Caamano (lpc@sware.com)
Wed, 03 May 95 11:34:02 EDT

Sorry for the crossposting, but the subject seems appropriate for all three lists.

We have a situation where we need to write several utility programs that query
an X.500 directory. We would like to use the LDAP client library for this
in order to use plain sockets and minimize the overhead.

The problem is that we would like not to need the ldapd daemon. We want to
have only two processes talking: the client program and the DSA. The first
thought is to add LDAP support to the DSA. That is, make the DSA listen on
port 389 also, merge in LDAP support and eliminate the ldapd.

Now the question, has this been done? Is this crazy or does it make sense?


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