SOW, WWW/X.500 gateway
Mon, 08 May 95 11:55:10 +0100

I'd like to announce the availability of SOW, a WWW/X.500 gateway.
Please let me know what you think of it.

The sow gateway is based on web500gw and it works in a very similar way
but it has new operations which accept a URL format in which the query
string is used to carry configuration information.

The available variables allow the user to define the service
information universe by setting mandatory objects or attributes and by
specifying a generic filter and operation scope.
They also allow to setup the display of information in terms of
attributes displayed and respective labels. When the resulting page is
returned, its DN
links also came with the same meta-information appended in the query string.
In so doing service parameters are kept for the time of a user session.

You will find it at in x500.sw/gateway as sow-0.96.tar.Z


Sow has a WWW home page containing information and some examples:


Please send all comments/complaints/questions/opinions/bugs/etc/etc/etc
to (Rui Joao, Universidade do Minho)

Best regards,

Rui Joao.

Rui Joao Peixoto jose

Lab. de Sistemas Distribuidos, Departamento de Informatica
Universidade do Minho, Portugal phone:+351 53 604475