Re: LDAP port for DEC Alpha OSF/1 3.2 (fwd)

Mark Prior (
Fri, 19 May 1995 20:43:40 +0930

> Hello there - I was wondering if you might be able to tell me if anyone
> is working on (or if there already is) a port of LDAP 3.1 to the DEC
> Alpha AXP under OSF/1 3.2 platform.

I thought this had been done by somebody, but we don't seem to have
support for it in the current version. Makes me think we are waiting
for patches from somebody. My advice is to send your query to the list. -- Tim

I did the port of LDAP 3.0 (from the IC v2.1 ISODE release) to OSF/1
3.0. I have been meaning to finish off the 3.1 port (fix some of the
bugs :-) for someone else but I have been swamped with "real work" (tm).


PS Tim I thought _you_ were going to look at it, that's why you have
an account on one of my OSF/1 systems :-)