Filter question

Roland Hedberg (
Fri, 19 May 1995 15:26:30 +0200 (MET DST)


I have a problem with filters, that I am not sure where it belongs=20
but let's start with this group which I think most of the
significant people read anyway :-)

I issue a search for "=C5ke Sandgren"=20
(notice the special swedish character in the beginning, an A with an ring=
in a slightly modified version of web500gw, but that has little bearing=20
for this, since it uses standard ldap operations.

The filter I see in the DSAs logfile is what I would expect

| ((sn=3D{T.61}\caAke Sandgren)(cn=3D{T.61}\caAke Sandgren))

but if this does not match then another filter is tried, an
approximate match, and I get the following strange filter

| ((sn~=3D{T.61}3AKE SANDGREN)(cn~=3D{T.61}3AKE SANDGREN))

Which, not surpricingly, doesn't match anything.

Has someone an explanation for this ?

As a background:
web500gw uses ldap_getfirstfilter/ldap_getnextfilter to build the
filters and the ldap filter file I use is the standard one distributed
with ldap-3.2b1.

-- Roland

UFN: Roland Hedberg, Umdac, Umea Universitet, Sweden