Re: Filter question

Mark Smith (
Wed, 24 May 1995 12:05:34 -0400

>From: Roland Hedberg <>
> To:
> =

> I issue a search for "=C5ke Sandgren"
> (notice the special swedish character in the beginning, an A with an rin=
> above)
> in a slightly modified version of web500gw, but that has little bearing
> for this, since it uses standard ldap operations.
> =

> The filter I see in the DSAs logfile is what I would expect
> =

> | ((sn=3D{T.61}\caAke Sandgren)(cn=3D{T.61}\caAke Sandgren))
> =

> but if this does not match then another filter is tried, an
> approximate match, and I get the following strange filter
> =

> | ((sn~=3D{T.61}3AKE SANDGREN)(cn~=3D{T.61}3AKE SANDGREN))
> =

> Which, not surpricingly, doesn't match anything.

I tried to duplicate this at our site and observed the following:

1. The problem doesn't seem to be in the LDAP client code -- it looks
like the correct filters are being constructed there.

2. When our ldapd submits the search to a QUIPU DSA, the approximate
search filter logged by QUIPU looks stange, as you observed. I
tried this on an ICR1 DSA.

3. When our ldapd submits the search to the GDA DSA we run here for
our primary service, the correct filters are logged in all cases.

I didn't check to see if the searches work correctly or not, but it seems =
me that QUIPU is doing something odd here, probably when it does some
normalizing of the search filter to do the approximate searching. I didn'=
go as far as to look at the DSA code though.