Implementation questions

John L. Villalovos (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 11:18:36 PST

I am currently enrolled in a software engineering class here at
Oregon State University. We are being taught the course by an
engineer from the local HP facility.

Our current goal is to develop an LDAP to Openmail (an HP product)


1) Would anyone have any recommendations on whether or not to
develop a stand alone library as opposed to a server based LDAP to
Openmail? (I would like to do the server based solution but our
instructor is leaning towards a stand alone library.)

2) If we did do the server based solution is their an RFC or
documentation on the Transport Protocol that is being used by the
LDAP client software I downloaded from terminator? Maybe an LDAPTP

3) Any thoughts or comments would definitely be appreciated.
Also any pointers to more information or FAQ.